This graffiti artist is creating NFTs with an Oculus

The graffiti artists They have always been misunderstood artists for society. On the one hand, it is undeniable to accept that most of them create art. But on the other hand his canvases are usually the walls of the street. That is why, for many people, graffiti artists are not artists, but vandals. This way of being pointed with the finger has haunted them all their lives, because separating these artists from the walls is the equivalent of asking them to draw with charcoal, that is, it would be forcing them to stop being graffiti artists. Well, if you love the world of graffiti, open your eyes wide, because a world of possibilities for your hobby thanks to the metaverse.

Graffiti without aerosols or walls

If you’ve ever watched an artist use some kind of new technology, like an iPad Pro, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that oil does not make the painter, because a person skilled in the plastic arts is capable of making a painting with total creative freedom and without limitations using a program like Procreate.

Well, following the same logic, if oils, watercolors or temperas do not make the painter, thens neither the spray nor the wall make the graffiti artist. Everything resides in the mind and hands of the artist. And that’s what it has shown GabeGault on your Instagram account. Making use of some VR goggles and software Kingspray Graffiti Simulator (available on Oculus and Steam), the artist has been able to show that he can perform any work you can imagine without leaving home, and without splashing paint on a single wall in his living room.


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GabeGault uses a Oculus Rift S next to the controls that come as standard and software to simulate graffiti to produce works with impressive quality in the metaverse. And it is that, although Zuckerberg could make us a little funny when he announced that his group would focus from now on in the metaverse, the truth is that examples like this give a lot to think about. Even the artist himself feels surprised in one of his first videos when he realizes the potential that this solution of virtual reality for artists.

is he coming graffiti non-fungible?

But that is not all. The works he does in Kingspray Graffiti Simulator they can be exported and viewed on other VR devices. Looking at his profile, we know that GabeGault already sells all kinds of works that are traded in the form of NFTs in markets like OpenSea. That is why we have no doubt that the artist is not going to miss the opportunity to sell his virtual walls to those who want to get one in exchange for some Ethreum. At the moment, he has uploaded this video in which he creates a wall-mounted NFT in collaboration with another artist.


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Virtual reality, metaverse and NFTs. All in one. If you just woke up from a coma, or if you don’t follow technological news very much, all this will surely seem Chinese to you. GabeGault considers himself a VR painter and muralist, which is hard to fathom until you see his Instagram feed or TikTok account. We are left wanting to know how this boy explains to his grandparents what he does with his life, because without a doubt, he would make a documentary on Netflix.

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