This GTA V Trailer License Plate Has Created A Theory About GTA 6

GTA 6 set in the 90s?

Much has been said about the time in which the new installment of GTA 6. Yes, in the 80s, late 70s … but it seems that everything will take place in a fairly modern era, since we would be talking about late 90s. That’s at least what some users are assuring after seeing a cryptic message that apparently was intentionally left in the latest video posted by Rockstar.

As we could see, the video in question reviews some scenes from GTA V and ends up showing GTA Online to announce its next arrival on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but it seems that among all those scenes there is a very small detail that could hide some very valuable.

A secret hidden in a license plate

GTA V license plate

The scene in question can be seen in the second 0:38 of the trailer, where Frankllin appears driving a red sports car. Well, the license plate of said sports car shows the reference 61SAL890, an inscription that many users are interpreting as a hidden message.

And it is that if we use a little imagination we can form the following sentence: 6 is al (eight) 90, Or what is the same, GTA 6 is at late 90s. With this they could have dropped that the theme of the future GTA 6 will be located in the late 90s, something that would take us back to a slightly modern GTA, and not as retro as had been speculated until now. Will this finally be the time for the game to unfold?

Rockstar still doesn’t open his mouth

Whether it is a hidden message or not, what is clear is that Rockstar still does not comment on it, and as we mentioned in one of our previous articles, the delay in the launch of GTA V for new generation consoles is probably not an indication too favorable to think that GTA 6 is closer than we might think. Remember that GTA V will not arrive until March 2022 (when it was previously scheduled for next November).

Considering that the latest rumors spoke of dates for 2024, we are very afraid that we will have to keep playing with these theories and these puns for a long time, so be prepared to witness many more theories about it. And by the time GTA V reaches the new consoles … surely more than one will find clues about the new installment.

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