This HAT turns the Raspberry Pi 4 into a super computer


The Raspberry Pi 4 is by itself a very capable device. By using only the appropriate operating system, you can turn it into a retro console, a multimedia server, a surveillance system and many other things that we have been seeing here over the months.

However, the potential of it goes much further the moment you start combining some accessories designed for the Raspberry. Among them are the HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) are one of them and there are so varied that depending on which you use you will gain some characteristics or others. However, there aren’t many like this one designed by software engineer Maxim Devaev.

The PiKVM V3 HAT It is a device designed that seeks to expand the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi 4. For this, once connected, you will be able to take advantage of all that set of options that users with a more advanced profile will find really useful. Because it avoids having to depend on protocols, ports or even specific operating systems.

Of course, it is better to list the most important uses that it allows:

  • Remote management of servers and workstations
  • Ability to turn on, turn off, or restart computers
  • Keyboard, mouse and video over IP (KVM) control
  • Configuration of advanced aspects such as UEFI or BIOS
  • Installing operating systems through a virtual CD drive or through flash drives

That is to say, this would be a product designed for a type of user that is still something particular because it requires things that are unusual for most, but that for them could be an important advantage due to how it has been designed. And it is that the idea of ​​everything revolves around open-source. So that to use and access all its possibilities, aspects such as certain plugins are not required, nor is a specific operating system on the server side or machine to be controlled, nor is it necessary to pay high license prices, etc.

In addition to all this, the PiKVM V3 HAT board will also give the possibility of capture video over HDMI to later be able to transmit via web browser at a resolution of 1080p and 50 frames per second. Although that will be something that comes through a software update that is being worked on. And all this counting that the project goes ahead, which is very likely to happen seeing the price for which they send it to you if they achieve the goal and can manufacture them in quantity.

Turn the Raspberry Pi into a unique computer

As you have seen, PiKVM turns the Raspberry Pi 4 into a unique equipment and, above all, very capable. So much so that the average and advanced user can offer countless advantages as soon as you start to investigate and use.

Therefore, any Raspberry Pi user should be happy if the project succeeds and materializes in a solution that can be purchased. Because the possibilities are so many that it would be angry if you stay on the road. Although we do not believe that happens, because they have been working on it for years and this V3 is the most solid version. In addition, they even have a housing design to manufacture with a 3D printer.

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