This humanoid is already viral on Twitter (and will appear in your next nightmares)

The population of humanoid robots it keeps increasing, for better or for worse. If the Robot Emilio seemed to you at the time the pinnacle of robotics, this new technological creation will leave you speechless (and it won’t let you sleep either). The new signing is nothing more and nothing less than Ameca, the last ultra realistic prototype from Engineered Arts. If Alita, Combat Angel, already gave you the grief, you’d better not read on.

Ameca, the new ultra-realistic droid from the other EA

Engineered Arts is the UK’s leading design and production of humanoid robots. This week, its engineers have published, as if it were a birth, the addition of Ameca To his family.

The droid has been introduced via a short video. Thanks to him, we have discovered all the technology that Engineered Arts has put behind it. Or after her, we do not know, since, according to its creators, Ameca is from neutral gender. Before playing the video, get ready for a serving of cigar haunting valley (or uncanny valley, which is how this phenomenon is often called in the language of Shakespeare).

Who were they inspired to make the droid?

Its creators have not wanted to give any clue, but we imagine where the shots go. Let’s face it, it’s not Ameca’s fault that she seems like a cross between a NS-5 ultra realistic of I robot with its greyish skin and polished metal chassis, and Ava (played by Alicia Vikander) by Ex Machina with his platinum chrome skull. And, although it has metallic tendons and an ultra-technological structure, no one needed it to have that absurdly realistic face.

What makes Ameca so realistic?

Nasolabial lines, dark circles and even muscles in the forehead. Ameca has just everything that the big ones operate influencers of the Internet to look perfect (and robotic). It doesn’t matter if you only have synthetic fur on your hands and face. With that, Ameca already looks like flesh and blood.

The presentation video It’s only 41 seconds long, but it lasts forever. Shoulder movement is perfect (better than more than one human joints). If it already seemed realistic, Ameca opens her eyes and looks around, as if wondering where she is, while looking at her hands in surprise. Who hasn’t had the same thing after a night of revelry?

The only thing that keeps this video from looking like something out of an episode of Black mirror it is the developer sitting behind, in a sweatshirt and his own. Which, by the way, does not seem to be very impressed by the shooting. Hopefully Domhnall Gleeson will interpret you when you make your biopic.

The camera, anonymous hero

We must also thank the camera touch, especially, to the FINGER that he puts flat, specifically in the upper left corner. Is there something more human —and fatherly— than leaving a digit as a signature on the video? Thanks to that human distraction, we can stop focusing on ameca, who ends the video by offering us his hand and smiling.

What is Ameca for?

servo the sims

For now, Ameca will work in events entertaining people and serving as a spokesperson for remote users speaking through them.

If someone wants to hire you to plague the nightmares of an acquaintance or spoiled nephew, please contact Engineered Arts directly. Meanwhile, you can send suggestions to make a recreation of Servo from The Sims 2, which was very nice, nice, and not so scary.

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