This Iberdrola trick allows you to spend half the energy with the washing machine

To save on electricity bill, you can take into account many tips and strategies. Knowing how to correctly use the devices that consume the most is important. It is also important to have a good contracted rate, adjust the temperature well, carry out maintenance, etc. But in this article we want to talk about a trick, a piece of advice, that Iberdrola has given to save even 50% of electricity when using the washing machine.

It must be taken into account that the washing machine is one of those electrical appliances that we can call large consumption. Although it is not something that is always on, when we use it it will consume a lot. We can put it in the group of a dishwasher, oven and the like. Therefore, using it correctly can help us spend less.

Lower the temperature in the washing machine

According to Iberdrola, the best way to save electricity when using the washing machine is to lower the temperature. They ensure that do laundry at 30 degrees instead of 60, you can make the device consume half the energy. That, without a doubt, will mean significant savings if you add up all the times you use this appliance each month.

But why are the savings so great? It should be mentioned that over 90% of the energy consumed by the washing machine is for heat the water. If you wash at 30 degrees instead of 60, you will be using much less resources to wash clothes. In addition, they ensure that the useful life of the washing machine is increased by being able to work without being at the maximum.

It is something similar to when we recommend adjust temperature in winter or summer, when using heating or air conditioning. Also when we recommend putting the correct temperature in the fridge and freezer. Each degree more or less can cause us to use more or less electricity.

They also recommend, although this is common sense, fill the washing machine completely before putting it on. They indicate that it is important to reduce the number of times we turn on the washing machine, in order to save energy. Therefore, if you can concentrate all the clothes in a single wash instead of putting it on 2 or 3 times on different days, the better.

Save light when using the washing machine

Not all devices spend the same

You should keep in mind that not all washing machines will consume the same electricity. An old one, from years ago, will consume much more than a more recent one. Also, if you compare current washing machines you can also find differences. The energy efficiency label helps to choose which one to buy. The A tags are the most efficient.

It is important that you use Eco programs, low comsumption. That will help you save energy when you use the washing machine. Precisely, these low consumption programs will heat the water less. It may take longer to wash, but that doesn’t mean it uses more electricity as it requires fewer resources to work.

As you can see, Iberdrola recommends setting the washing machine at 30 degrees instead of 60. With this, they ensure that we can save 50% of electricity in each wash. If you use home automation, you will need the router’s Wi-Fi to reach it well. With this, you could schedule the washing machine to turn on at times when electricity is cheapest.

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