This influencer cat is making gold cooking on TikTok and Instagram

Animal accounts on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube are not that rare. Lots of people decide to feature their pet on a social media account, and sometimes it even generates enough interest that they go somewhat viral. Few that will achieve the impact of Princess Honey Bellan adorable kitten who can boast of earning a good money, or rather, of having generated a good amount of bills for its proud (and clever) owner.

Honey the chef cat

Behind the name of Princess HoneyBelle hides Honey, a pretty two-year-old cat with reddish hair who is currently one of the four-legged sensations on social media. In TikTok It accumulates almost 250,000 followers while on Instagram it is close to 160,000. He also has a loyal community on YouTube (although noticeably smaller), thus turning his profile into a whole gold mine.

And what is it that makes it so special? Well, the cat kitchen room. Well, or does he cook, of course. Dressed in a chef’s hat, apron and not averse to trying everything that is necessary, you will see in plane how the cat even stirs the mixtures, thanks to the nice montages of her owner. The good thing, of course, is that her recipes are not fictitious: they can be replicated and make all kinds of cakes, desserts, cookies… -yes, as you can see, pastry is more suited to her, although this chef does everything.

The TikTok account of the cat Princess HoneyBelle

The cat also has another much humbler profile in which she sells bow ties for cats, not to mention that she has her own merchandising, thus generating a fortune that her owner only thinks of multiplying this 2023.

A plan with a clear objective: make money

Nicole Wade is an Australian who, tired of her job and grieving the recent loss of another of her cats, decided to create an account for her kitten Honey in order to document how her new adopted pet was growing. But her experience involved her more and more, she saw that she had possibilities for her and that it also served her therapeutically, so she made the decision to concentrate all her efforts to convert the online content creation in a way of life and income. And she got it.

The account was created in 2020 and in just 2 years it has achieved the aforementioned figures and the power to live exclusively from the cat’s social networks, they indicate in Business Insider. His goal in 2023 is to reach 6 figures, although it must be said that part of the money raised so far has been allocated to animal shelters.


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Wade complains, yes, that the world of animal social accounts is not very monetized, Since creators often post just to receive free products, it doesn’t help those who are trying to make a living from it.

Be that as it may, Honey and her owner don’t seem to be doing badly at all. If you have a pet, remember: you may have a whole celebrities at home and you don’t know it.


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