This Instagram account shows famous mansions from a bird’s eye view

Social networks have become an ideal place where you can browse the lives of other people, so the complement of dream life and luxury 24/7 is a topic that is usually very successful among users. That is what the author of this Instagram account probably thought, who with a very simple claim is managing to increase his list of followers in an incredible way. And what exactly does it do? Show the famous mansions.

Where do famous people live?

That question can be easily answered with the Instagram account Houses of Celebs, an account where we can discover the latest acquisitions of the great stars of music, sports, cinema and, in general, personalities with a purchasing power that you will probably not be able to reach even in 10 lives.

Their publications show a lot of details of the mansions that are in the news, either because a millionaire just made a big purchase, or because the divorce of a famous couple has generated movements in the luxury real estate sector.

The mansions from a bird’s eye view

Instagram famous houses

His most popular posts without, however, the reels. With the help of Google Earth, the Houses of Celebs account publishes videos from a bird’s eye view of the mansions of the great personalities. For example, if you want to keep an eye on Jennifer Lopez’s mansion, you can easily do it with one of the posted posts, since you can see the impressive house of the music star in Miami quite well.

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With thousands of reproductions, the published reels show mansions each more spectacular, and currently has two groups of publications cataloged by “Sales” and “For sale”, so if you have a few million eyes loose there you could find the house of your dreams with any of these publications.

A good place to spend your Bitcoins

Among many of the publications that he programs, we can find houses and mansions that some celebrities have decided to put up for sale. If a famous person moves or decides to change house, the creator of this account does not hesitate to put the details of the interior of the house with photographs and the official sale price, which is always measured in millions.

For example, we can see the mansion that Rihanna rents for $ 80,000 a month, an incredible house located in Beverly Hills with 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a decoration in which dark tones predominate.

With more than 650,000 followers, this Instagram account continues to publish the most spectacular mansions owned by celebrities, so if you like to browse and see what houses the famous have, this is a good way to stay up to date and enjoy the views.

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