This is Fernando Alonso’s first electric bicycle

This weekend is the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, one of the most anticipated events on this 2022 calendar. A new circuit opens, so it is not surprising that both drivers and fans are happy and nervous about what this test of the premier category of motorsports holds for us. In the United States, races are lived in a totally different way, and Fernando Alonso knows it, since he has already competed in several events such as the Indy 500 or the 24 Hours of Daytona. For this reason, the Asturian brand has waited to arrive in Florida to present its new star product: the Kimoa E-Bike.

“The Nano” already has its own smart bike

If you have followed the career of Fernando Alonso During all these years, you will know that it is not only capable of adapting to any car that has an engine and four wheels. For years, the Spaniard has been training hard on the bike. That passion for cycling is what Fernando wants to convey to his fans through kimoathe clothing and accessories firm that he founded in 2017.

Kimoa is a premium brand that bets on a sustainable lifestyle. Until now, we knew of products such as caps, sunglasses, shirts or shoes from this brand, but none as ambitious as the Kimoa E-Bike which has been presented on the occasion of the F1 Miami Grand Prix.

The Kimoa E-Bike is made in collaboration with Arevo, and it’s a “unibody” bike. It is made in one piece of carbon fiber thermoplastic made in 3D. Unlike other carbon fiber bikes whose frames are glued and bolted together with dozens of individual parts, Kimoa’s bike frame is built without joints or glue. This is a guarantee in order to avoid cracks during a long journey.

A fully tailored experience

kimoa bike setup

And the thing is not there. The Kimoa E-Bike can be customized for each user. Being a bicycle made by 3D printing, each cyclist can customize his unit in terms of height, weight and length so that it is made completely to measure. There are approximately 500,000 different combinations, among which many of them are aesthetic.

Regarding the electrical part, the bicycle has an integrated battery with autonomy of 90 kilometers which can be recharged in about a couple of hours. The E-Bike has multiple sensors on the entire frame, which allows all kinds of data to be collected, as well as adapting driving to highway, gravel, city or even activating cruise control.

As you may have imagined, we are talking about a fairly exclusive and quality product, so it cannot be cheap. The model can be purchased for about $3,999 from the Kimoa website. However, the bike will be exclusively this weekend at the Wynwood SimplyEV Flagship Store, Fla. In this way, those who attend this week’s great event will be able to test and design their own Kimoa E-Bike Powered by Arevo.

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