This is how Apple will improve the autonomy of future iPhones

A bigger battery in the iPhones of 2023

As the years go by, we want to spend less time on a connected charger. Viewing multimedia content, making use of applications or making video calls and having enough battery until the end of the day is something we all want. This is something you can get increasing the size of the internal battery, but this can pose some design issues. By increasing the size of the battery capacity, the thickness of the devices must be increased and this is a strategy that Apple is not willing to take on. That is why the company’s current plans would go through making thinner chips according to a supply chain report.

The report refers to the implementation of IPD (Integrated Passive Device) technology, in collaboration with TSMC and Amkor. This would make the entire series of Apple devices slimmer while still having more room for integrate better batteries. In addition to this, Apple is expected to adopt 3nm processors. This would be an important step in this regard since 5nm processors are being implemented right now. This would undoubtedly mark a before and after since we are talking about cutting-edge technology that would increase performance and also efficiency.

Will this technology be implemented?

Keep in mind that this information comes from a patent granted in March to Apple and that was published in June. This is complemented by a rumor coming from the production chain of these chips. This patent proposed the implementation of IPD technology to layer more technology on a chip efficiently to make them thinner. In this way, you can partly forget to apply the tips to save battery on the iPhone since it will have a much longer autonomy, which would provide more hours of use.

But obviously there can always be the possibility that this new technology in the hardware is not used to introduce a larger battery. As has happened in other devices, the company can choose to make an iPhone that is much thinner and not increase the autonomy. This would be bad news for many people who want to have more autonomy and who may not end up making up for the fact that they are less millimeters thick. But as we say, this is a simple rumor and may not end up being true.

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