This is how big are the biggest black holes in the known universe

Black holes are really fascinating stuff. Thanks to Stephen Hawking, George Ellis and Roger Penrose they went from being a real mystery to becoming something we think we know quite well today. With this I do not want to say that we have discovered all its secrets, but it is true that at least We have a pretty good idea of ​​what they are. and how they behave.

In general terms, the most widespread and accepted definition says that black holes are finite regions of space that have, within them, such an enormous concentration of mass that generates a massive gravitational field, to such an extent that they generate an attraction effect so intense that not even light can escape from it.

According to Stephen Hawking, these emit a specific type of radiationalthough it seems that in some cases the radiation does not come from the black hole itself, but from its accretion diska disk-shaped structure that is normally made up of gas and dust and that revolves around the black hole.

The enormous gravity that a black hole has causes a singularity surrounded by a closed surface that is known as event horizon, it separates the region of the black hole from the rest of the universe, and causes the curvature of spacetime. As we have said, once something enters that event horizon, it can no longer escape it.

We also know that today there are different types of black holes that are classified based on their mass, and also other aspects such as their charge and angular momentum. If we talk about size, the differences between those types of black holes they are also hugeand to demonstrate it, NASA has shared a very interesting video where they show us, in a comparative way, the size of the smallest and largest black holes that we know of.

We start with our Sun as a reference point, and from there the video scales based on the size of each of those black holes. As you can, the latter are so huge that I think the super massive concept is too small for them, since TON 618 has a mass equivalent to 66,000 million soles.

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