This is how Chrome cleans your PC from harmful programs

One of the sections that little by little has been gaining greater importance in everything related to our equipment and software, is that related to the privacy and security. For this we can use specific programs, although other applications such as Google Chrome will help us.

Hence precisely the importance of the antivirus or other similar security solutions that we install on our computers to safeguard the system and your data. Keep in mind that more and more sensitive and private information is stored on disk drives. In addition, on many occasions we use Internet to share or transfer all of it. Therefore, browsers also play a fundamental role in this type of task.

Precisely for all this, below we are going to talk about an interesting function that you may not know and that the most used browser offers us, Google Chrome. It is a feature implemented in the program itself that is responsible for helping to keep our computer safe. It is true that these programs increasingly include a greater number of security-related functions. Next, we will talk about one that we found in Chrome and that focuses on the elimination of harmful programs. And we must bear in mind that the Internet is one of the main sources through which we can get malicious software to the computer.

Google is fully aware that its program may be one of the main ways to download these malicious programs, so you want to help us remove them. Let’s see how we can benefit from all this in a matter of seconds.

Remove malicious apps from your PC from Chrome

To get rid of this possible malicious software that has arrived on our computer without our realizing it, the first thing we do is start the program itself. There is no need to go to any web page, since the function we are referring to is part of Google’s software solution. This means that we must access its customization window through the menu called Setting. In the left panel of the new window that appears, we find a multitude of browser settings sections.

In the case at hand, we must situate ourselves in Restore configuration and clean. Next, in the right panel we find two useful functions that help us in these tasks. The one that interests us in this specific case is the one that says Clean computer. Keep in mind that the functionality itself offers us the possibility of automatically sending to Google all the information collected in the analysis from our computer for harmful software. However, for privacy reasons we can disable this option if we wish.

clean chrome

To finish and for the scanning process to be carried out, we only have to click on the Search button to start the analysis of our hard drive. Keep in mind that this is a process that can take a few minutes, everything will depend on the capacity of these storage units and the performance of our team.

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