This is how I got rid of a fine of 3000 euros from the Treasury for having moved

With the Treasury we have run into. The State Tax Administration Agency of Spain is always on the lookout, waiting for us to comment on the slightest error in our statements, or in the information we provide, to send us the dreaded black window certified letter. And not all errors are with the intention of defrauding, but there are certain acts, such as a simple change of address, which, if we do not notify, can lead to a fine of up to 3,000 euros. Luckily, it is very easy to avoid.

Whether it’s because we found a cheaper flat, or because we managed to buy one, when we move we have to do a lot of paperwork. And one of the ones we tend to forget the most is the change of address in the Treasury. In this procedure we are indicating to the state body where we reside (regardless of whether we are registered in it or not) and the fiscal address at the personal income tax level and notifications.

The fraudulent presentation of information in the income tax return can lead to fines of up to 3,000 euros, if not more, depending on the type of information with which we are trying to deceive the Treasury. In general, lying in the fiscal domicile usually entails a 100 euro finealthough there are many aggravating factors (depending on the activity we carry out) that could make it reach 3000.

Luckily, changing your address is actually very simple. And, by dedicating a few seconds to it, we will avoid many problems.

This is how I changed my fiscal domicile

The first thing that we must take into account to carry out this management is that we can do it online, so we will not have to go to any office. To do this, we must access our personal area on the AEAT website and enter the “Census data” section.

Treasury Fiscal Address - 1

We must authenticate ourselves within the Treasury website by the method that we prefer. If we have a digital certificate, we can use it to enter. Otherwise, we can use the DNIe, the 24-hour PIN, and even Cl@ve. Once inside, we can see a section with all our information, and several links to different menus. The one that interests us is the “Change of Fiscal Address” section.

Treasury Fiscal Address - 2

Here we must fill in all the information that appears to tell the Treasury where we live. It is important that, in addition to the address, we enter the cadastral reference of the property, since with it we will avoid possible problems and the Treasury will be able to know exactly where we live.

Treasury Fiscal Address - 3

Once the data is filled in, we simply have to click on the blue “Confirm modification” button and download the receipt (because it never hurts to have it, just in case) to finally click on the “Finish” button. We have already finished changing the tax data.

We can go back to the “Census data” section to verify that the new information already appears, and there is no trace of the previous address, and that’s it. We will no longer receive the letter from the black window with the fine of 3,000 euros. At least, because of a poorly established fiscal domicile.

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