This is how I use GPT-4, and the advantages of Plus, without paying the $20 for ChatGPT

Although Bing, and other AIs, claim to use GPT-4, none of them is capable of reaching ChatGPT at ankle height. Without a doubt, OpenAI’s Artificial Intelligence is the best we can find today. We can all use it for free, although, to get the most out of it, we have to pay a fee every month. And it is not a cheap fee, but neither more nor less than 20 dollars a month. By paying the Plus, what we get is:

  • Faster responses.
  • Priority access.
  • Access to the latest news before it reaches others. Among them, GPT-4.

Why GPT-4?

GPT-4 is the most advanced language model to date, developed by OpenAI. This uses a technique known as a “transformer”, which is responsible for processing and generating the text that we request. It is an improved version of the previous model, GPT-3, it stands out for having been trained with a much larger amount of data, which allows it to generate text with a much higher quality and professionalism.

Some most outstanding characteristics of the GPT-4 model are:

  • You can understand more complex and nuanced prompts, exhibiting human-level performance thanks to a host of academic and professional benchmarks.
  • It has multimodal capabilities, which means it can process images and text at the same time.
  • It offers greater maneuverability, so it can be adapted to different styles, tones and text formats depending on the user and how they request.
  • Very important, it has a large number of security improvements, preventing the AI ​​from generating offensive, false or illegal content.
  • It can process up to 25,000 words, about eight times more than the previous version.

How to use it without paying the 20 dollars a month?

In addition to paying the Plus, which is the easy option, ChatGPT also allows us to pay for using your API. This API has the same advantages as ChatGPT Plus, with the difference that it is infinitely cheaper.

We can register in the API in this link. Once the payment method is configured, what we will have to do is generate a private key to access that API and, from that moment, we can start using this feature. The API is paid based on usage. 1000 tokens usually generate about 750 words, and cost 0.03 dollars, that is, three cents. If we do the math, with the 20 dollars of the Plus we can generate approximately half a million (500,000) words, something that, surely, we will not reach.

In addition, to avoid unexpected expenses, we can set a monthly spending limit, thus preventing us from having a surprise at the end of the month.

And where can we use that API? Very simple, we are going to leave you two options. The first of these is a Chrome extension called “ChatHub“, which allows us to enter our API Key to use GPT-4 (as long as we have already been given access). And the second is “GPT ROYAL”, a completely free website also designed to use the ChatGPT API, although in this case we will use GPT-3.5 Turbo, the current version, faster and cheaper than GPT-4.

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