This is how impressive the world’s most expensive TVs are

If you win the lottery (ELEVEN is not worth it, it has to be something primitive type or better euromillion) you will be able to access the offer of C SEED, an Australian manufacturer that takes opulence to its maximum expression by marketing the most expensive televisions in the world.

For the modest price of $400,000, last year the manufacturer marketed the M1 4K, a 165 inches diagonal and microLED technology. These types of panels are an advance over current LED panels, they use different light-emitting compounds and allow the construction of thinner devices, panels with greater brightness, perfect blacks, greater contrast, lower energy consumption and without the problem of burning light. the OLEDs.

So far almost normal. Samsung has for years microLED models of the series TheWall up to 146 inches. What sets the C SEED M1 apart is its modularity, as “first foldable microLED TV”. And it is that it can hide in the ground and from there it rises as if it were a monolith. Once upright, the TV’s five separate panels unfold into a unit and lower onto the stand. Look how cool:

Wait there are new models and they are cheaper… This week the manufacturer has presented the new N1 versions that do not require the TV to be built directly in the mansions of those who can afford it, since its support rises from the ground.

It is only available in titanium, compared to its older brother that can be chosen in silver or gold finishes. Offered in three sizes 165, 137 and 103 inches, and otherwise have the same technical characteristics as the M1. Much more “cheap”, its price starts at $180,000. Take it as a curiosity, enjoy the videos and think that rich people cry too.

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