This is how it will detect the iPhone that has a broken screen according to patent

Apple’s patent for detecting screen cracks

One of the most common failures that can exist in an iPhone is the breakage of the screen. The fact of always having it exposed to different dangers such as accidental drops or bumps makes the screen easily breakable. Many times a small crack can go unnoticed completely, especially when it is at one extreme. In the long run, these cracks can lead to numerous problems as a complete breakage can eventually result. That is why it should be important to be aware of the damage that a screen can have, and that is why Apple plans to introduce a method for it to be notified of the status in an intelligent way.

This idea is what has been detected in a recent patent that has been made public recently. Technically Apple proposes to integrate a deformation detection resistor accompanied by a temperature compensation resistor. Both would be used in combination using serpentine metallic strokes. The controller is capable of measuring the resistance of both resistors, redundancy is worth it. Along with this Apple would create a crack detection line by creating a looped path.

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A shift register in the circuit and its corresponding monitoring could end up determining if there is some kind of crack in the glass. This is really important since finally the processing will be done through the operating system in order to have a notification on the screen in which it will be reported that something is wrong. In this way, just as a state of the health of the battery is integrated, it will also be possible to clearly know if you need to repair the iPhone touch panel or only the glass.

An ideal system for folding screens

Analysts who have made an assessment of this patent show that it can be a system great for when a foldable iPhone is launched. The resistance system that is discussed in this patent aims to make a warm screen more flexible than a cold screen. In addition, the screens that are foldable can more easily suffer cracks due to misuse or if it is simply hit. It is important to see those cracks that are imperceptible to the eye as it can go further. In addition, on many occasions we are aware that there is damage of this type but when we see that it works correctly, we do not go to a SAT.

Now it will be the iPhone itself that reports what is happening at all times. It should be borne in mind that this system is not entirely new since it has already been proposed in other patents, but it has not yet been applied. This may be because they continue to investigate in this regard, or that it is simply an idea that is doomed to stay in a drawer for life.

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