This is how spending on technology will be distributed in companies in 2022

According to a SWZD report, most organizations and companies are optimistically confident that lRevenues will rise in 2022 after a year of year-on-year declines important, and 61% of companies expect their corporate income to increase next year. These expectations will influence 32% of budget increases. Thus, 64% of companies with more than 500 employees plan raise technology budgets, something that 45% of SMEs will also do.

But how will these budgets be spread across hardware, software, cloud services, and managed IT services? According to the company, one of the keys to this cast is the maintenance of teleworking after the pandemic, which will continue to have a significant impact on companies’ technology spending going forward. And those who refuse to keep working remotely will see most developers looking for another job in 2022 to move to telecommuting positions, slowing the return to pre-pandemic presence.

Due to this remote impulse, the modernization efforts of the companies have been anticipated, which shows the high priority in technology projects in the companies. These are the main drivers of the 2022 budget increases: from 45% in 2021 to 49% in 2022.

75% of companies plan to train their employees as well as invest in emerging technology solutions against ransomware to protect end devices and remote users more effectively. On the hardware side, laptops will be the top spending area in team budgets. They will concentrate 19% of the 2022 hardware budget in companies, exceeding the expense of desktop equipment, to which 14% of the budget will be allocated.

The spending on servers will reach 11% of hardware budgets, but as workloads shift from on-premises data centers to the cloud due to the push of remote work, IT budgets are shifting to hosted or cloud-based services. The budgets for cloud-based technologies has increased in parallel in a remarkable way, and in 2022 it will take 26% of technology spending. Due to this, the expenses in software associated with local servers is decreasing: in virtualization it will be 8% and in operating systems, 11%.

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