This is how the basic Windows programs have remained after their redesign

Be that as it may, for the firm these applications are key elements for Windows itself, which is why it puts a good part of its efforts into improving and developing this software. So much so that in recent months many of these applications have been updated. One of the main objectives of all this is that they adapt to the Windows 11 new design. But not only have they wanted to focus on the interface section, but at the same time they have introduced new functions.

So that you can get a more exact idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeverything that we tell you, next, we are going to see the change produced in this sense. That is to say, we are going to review the appearance that these pre-installed apps in windows 11comparing them with the one they have in Windows 10. Of course, we must take into consideration that some of the new designs are the ones that are currently reaching the company’s insider users.

Refreshed look of apps in Windows 11

We have already commented on a few occasions that one of the reasons for the new Windows 11 is the general improvement in the interface that it provides us. How could it be otherwise, this is something that directly affects the pre-installed applications in the system, as we will see below. All this for give the system a more modern look operational and adapt to the times. Next, we will see the change suffered and some of the new integrated functions, if that is the case. In the samples that we will see next, we show you the new design of Windows 11 first, followed by the current one in Windows 10.

painting: here the interface has been completely updated to adapt to the new visual design Windows 11. We see a simplified toolbar, a new text tool and more.

paintingmemo pad: In addition to the design, this tool improves the search and replace function and adds new features. Thus, we can undo at various levels and we will see several additional improvements in the text editor.

notepad windows 11memo padPhotos: In this case, with the new design, Microsoft wanted the popular Photos tool to be a faster and more fluid application. We have also tried to simplify its use and improve the experience when it comes to work with our images in Windows 11. For example, at a functional level comes the multiple view that allows you to compare photos in the same window.

photos windows 11Photos w10capture tool: This is one of the oldest and most used functions of Windows that Microsoft has now wanted to improve at the interface level as well.

capture w11capture toolmedia player: The Windows Media Player has also been redesigned and optimized to improve listening and viewing of multimedia content. A very important part here is sample music library. To manage it, we find a multitude of functions that have just been integrated.

media playerWatch: this element has also been redesigned by the developers of the software giant in order to better manage our time and tasks on the PC.

watch w11watch w10Calculator– Even the system calculator gets a new look in its interface to fit the new visual style. Also, it is packed with useful features to help us complete calculation-related jobs.

calculator w11calculator w10Sound recorder: This application is one of the last to receive its new design. It offers us a renewed visualization for audio during recording and playback. It also includes the ability to change the recording device and the format of the files from the tool itself.

sound recordertape recorder

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