This is how the battery of the iPhone 11 with iOS 15.0.1 performs

Yes, iOS 15.0.1 also improves the battery (in general)

Now that several days have passed since the launch, we believe we are in a position to analyze this section in a better context. Although it is true that in the end the autonomy of a device varies depending on the use and that sometimes even in the same version we find different experiences, the majority of iPhone 11 users saw iOS 15.0 as a real drama when it comes to managing Battery.

With iOS 15.0.1 we have been able to verify that improves noticeably.Obviously if the iPhone already has somewhat suffered battery health, it is impossible for the performance to be as before. In any case, we have been able to see how on the same iPhone it went from having to recharge at 5:00 p.m. (from 7:00 a.m.) due to running out of battery with iOS 15.0 to not running out until 7:00 p.m. with iOS 15.0.1.

All this with a more or less normal use; consulting social networks, messaging apps, Internet browsing and even watching the odd video on YouTube. All this in a terminal with 89% battery health. With iOS 15.0 it was already rare to reach 5 hours of screen on, while in 15.0.1 we have been able to have 4-5 hours.

Conflicting opinions with this version

As we already warned, in the end no two experiences are the same. From this writing we have consulted friends and acquaintances who have one of these iPhone and although it is true that most agree on the improvement, there are others who do not notice the change. Although fortunately for them, none have told us to get worse.

That is why it may not be possible to balance this consumption until iOS 15.1, a version that is still in its second beta and whose launch forecast is at least for the middle of this month of October. In any case, remember that if you have battery problems on your iPhone 11 that go beyond something specific due to the software, you can go to Apple to verify if everything is working correctly and there is no hardware element that is giving problems.

Repair iPhone 11 battery

Restoring the iPhone without loading any backup is another option that can be interesting to eliminate possible junk elements dragged by the software from previous versions. Therefore, you can also try this to see if that way you can fix something.

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