This is how the cheap iPad of 2021 will look like with its 3 main novelties

An iPad Air 2019 converted into an iPad 2021

Apple currently has several ranges of iPad: the basic one that it calls “iPad” without more, the ‘mini’, ‘Air’ and ‘Pro’. And something curious happens in them and that is that the main novelties that are being introduced arrive first in the iPad Pro range and, after a few years, they end up being established in the ‘Air’ range. Leaving the ‘mini’ on its own somewhat uncertain path at times, it is the basic model to which the iPad Air leaves its novelties when as many years pass. And at this point, the leaks suggest that the 9th generation iPad of this 2021 will be a sort of recycled iPad Air 2019.

That is why its news is really only half news. They will be something new in that entry iPad range, although not an innovation that is not or has been present in other ranges. The first of these would be the device size that would be attached to a screen magnification, since despite maintaining the same form factor with the Home button, the iPad screen would have 10.5 inch in a chassis identical to the aforementioned iPad Air that Apple released two years ago.

iPad Air 2019

Design of the iPad Air 2019 that would be recycled in the iPad 2021

We remember that the 8th generation iPad screen is 10.2 inches, so there would be a not very large variation, but it is noticeable. As in the A13 Bionic processor, which if that would be better than the A12 that the iPad Air 2019 mounted at the time and that already mounted the iPad of last year. Where there would be no change would be in the compatibility with official accessories like the Smart Keyboard and the 1st generation Apple Pencil.

Possible price and release date

Price is precisely one of the factors that makes this one of the most popular iPads every year, given that it is Apple’s entry model. Except for a capital surprise, expected to keep the same prices than this year’s model. Taking into account that the capacities would also be the same, we would find that the 32 GB WiFi model would be 379 euros and the 128 GB of 479 euros. If an LTE version is chosen, 140 euros would have to be added to the aforementioned prices.

And although the date is not official yet by Apple, it is expected to be in September when it is announced and put on sale. His coming-out will probably come in the same iPhone 13 presentation event. In this it could also be accompanied by the iPad mini 6 and the Apple Watch Series 7, although for now we insist that there is nothing official, despite being the most likely.

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