This is how the Intel A370M graphics card performs, does it meet expectations?

Later this month, the world’s largest PC processor maker will debut its dedicated graphics cards for the first time. It will start with the low-end models for laptops and PCs with the DG2-128 chip, which is the simplest of the Intel ARC Alchemist. Well, we already know the performance of the Intel A370M GPU in Ashes of Singularity. Does it meet expectations?

Historically, we can say that the company founded by Gordon Moore has had very bad luck when it comes to its attempts to enter the market for graphics cards capable of playing 3D games in real time. Back in the late ’90s, his collaboration with Real3D, Lockhead Martin’s trademark that had already provided the hardware for SEGA’s impressive arcade machines, fizzled out with the failed i740. A decade later we had the Larrabee project, which led to the failed Xeon Phi.

When Raja Koduri left AMD after the failure of the Vega architecture for Intel, the company’s interest in having a powerful graphics architecture resurfaced again. Especially because of the advantage that AMD owns the Radeon Technology Group. Hence the creation of the Intel Xe architectures, baptized as ARM for the domestic market. Well, the first shipment of the Intel ARC Alchemist made up of the A350 and A370 graphics cards, as well as their counterparts for laptops, can now be put to the test. More than anything, why is it expected that the launch, at least of the laptops that incorporate them, will be in less than a week. The next March 30.

This is the performance of the Intel A370M in Ashes of Singularity

The Ashes of Singularity game includes a benchmark or performance test that is one of the most used to measure the capabilities of new graphics cards and it is normal that as soon as these have reached the hands of some privileged people they have been put to the test to know its real power. In order to have an idea to see how it really stands in power compared to the NVIDIA and AMD offers.

As can be seen in the image above, the performance test of Ashes of Singularity on the Intel A370M has been carried out at Full HD resolution and with the graphic load at a minimum, where using the DirectX 11 API it has obtained a frame rate average of 36.9 and 38.3 frames per second of average 3500 and 3600 points respectively. In any case, it is not a benchmark that will help us measure power and compare it with other graphics cards. This is shown in the table below where GPUs with different specifications receive similar scores. So we will have to wait for other benchmarks to have a more concrete idea of ​​the Intel A370M.

Intel A370M Ashes Singularity List

The Intel A370M has a 128 EU configuration, which translates to 1024 32-bit floating point ALUs, and would therefore be on par with AMD’s RX 6500 XT in that respect. As for its memory bus, it is 64-bit of the GDDR6 type and consequently can hold up to 4 GB. In Intel’s words, it offers twice the performance of the integrated GPU in its Intel Core 12 for laptops.

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