This is how the new Vica rope cases are for your iPhone

For a long time, fashionable iPhone cases are those that add a cord to hang the device from the neck. In Vica they join the bandwagon of these rope or cord covers and put on the market their new sleeves called Vica Lace.

These covers for our iPhone are 100% biodegradable and compostable, made with organic materials that respect nature according to the manufacturer itself. In this case, the new models add a removable cord, with which you can choose whether to hang the iPhone or not.

The Spanish firm Vica has a fairly wide product catalog in terms of accessories for Apple. Without a doubt, this company is making a gap among the large number of companies that are dedicated to accessories for mobile devices and computers. To get this hole you need to do different things and that is why in Vica Designs they work hard in this regard.

You choose if you want to wear it with or without a cord

Vica iPhone cases

And it is that these sleeves are located in the regularity that the sleeve adds the cord that can be placed in a custom-made slit just at the bottom of the sleeve. This means that the user does not have to always carry the iPhone hanging up if they do not want to, although it really The interesting thing about these covers is that they can be worn hanging.

In Vica they have several models similar to these Lace that do not add the cord, so in case you do not want to use this cord we recommend other models such as Roots, Eco, Deco or similar that they have in their extensive catalog.

Design and manufacturing materials

Vica iPhone case

They really respect and clearly demonstrate this with the materials used to manufacture their covers. In this case, it is about a case with a design very similar to the previous ones of the brand but they add the possibility of carrying the iPhone hanging thanks to the cord. This design is not exclusive to beam and we see numerous similar accessories on the market but not with the quality of materials used in this company.

These covers from the Spanish company They are made with wheat straw and a 100% environmentally friendly bioplastic. They have a cord to hang the iPhone that, as we said before, can be removed and put on with a single click. You can use it with a cord and also without the cord like a normal cover.

Colors and designs are found of all kinds and These covers are the brand’s own creations so there are no other similar ones. This time the two models are in black, but we have green, blue and other colors for this cover models. Also keep in mind that they have covers for all Apple devices and other brands, it is best to enter the web and check for yourself the variety of products they have.

Good iPhone protection with the case on

Vica box iPhone case

These covers protect our mobile device in the back always taking into account the risks of carrying the iPhone hanging. The material with which these covers are made is similar to silicone and they protect the mobile against some small drops and scratches. It is a flexible material, with a 2mm thickness that also covers the front on the sides and the camera.

This type of case is really interesting for specific moments when we run out of pockets or need quick access to the iPhone. In this case they protect the iPhone quite well with the handicap of carrying it around the neck of course. The inner part of the covers is soft and in the lower part it has the slit to place the lanyard holder and that it does not move once the iPhone is inserted. It may seem that the iPhone is going to fall when you hang it up but we have tested its resistance and we can say that it holds up well, it will not fall at any time.

Price and availability

Vica iPhone case

The price of these 27 euros per unit and we find several models available in both design and colors. Availability is immediate so at the time of purchase the firm will send the product and it will take a maximum of between one and three days to arrive depending on where you live.

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