This is how the Nintendo Switch emulator for Android works

Egg NS Emulator Requirements

The first thing you have to know is that Egg NS Emulator is a Switch emulator for Android devices that only works with those that mount a Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 855, Snapdragon 855+, and Snapdragon 865.

This is the first drawback, although it makes sense since you will need the more power the better so that the experience is as close to that of the Nintendo laptop. The second requirement is a specific driver.

The GameSir X2 is he controller for games that you will have to acquire if you want to be able to run this Switch emulator for Android. A command that, as you can see in the images, allows, once the terminal is placed, to practically transform it into a Nintendo Switch.

Switch Android Emulator

Thanks to the remote, you will not only have a better grip, but also each and every one of the controls and buttons that the console offers Nintendo. Thus, you will not lack anything at all. Because you will have the two analog sticks, the four buttons on each side, the L and R, triggers and even those used to take screenshots, etc.

The price Official of this command is 99.99 euros, although there are online stores that currently sell it with some extra discount. So you can go to the manufacturer’s website and from there link to those existing purchase options.

How to download the Nintendo Switch emulator for Android

Now that you know the requirements to be able to use this Nintendo Switch emulator on Android devices, what you are surely wondering is where to get it. Well, the emulator is available for download through different websites and servers that have been downloading it and making it available to any interested user.

However, the best option is always the official one. That is, download it through the Google Drive link that those responsible for the project make available to everyone. Of course, we anticipate you since you will not only need this file with the emulator for Android, but also an additional application called SwitchDroid Folder.

Here are the two links to the emulator and the mentioned application:

Once you have both files downloaded to your computer, the installation process is not complicated at all. It basically consists of connecting the phone to the computer, copying the files to a folder and doing the rest of the Steps which you can find in the Egg NS Installation Guide.

Ready, from that moment you can start enjoying various Nintendo Switch games on your Android phone in the same way that you can see in the video above. With a fluidity that in the case of slightly less graphically demanding proposals allows everything to go very smoothly.

Games tested with Egg NS Emulator

Here is a list of games that you can see how they run on this Switch emulator for Android.

Other Nintendo Switch emulators

This Nintendo Switch emulator for Android is not the only one out there. There are other options that, yes, are designed for other operating systems. In particular, there are very good Switch emulators that run on computers. Windows PC.

yuzu emulator switch pc

Some of these Nintendo Switch emulators for Windows are:

  • Yuzu, for many the best and most advanced option when it comes to playing Switch titles on a PC
  • Ryujinx, It is another option and in addition to having a version for Windows it also offers it for macOS

So if you don’t have a high-end phone compatible with Egg NS Emulator or yes, but you don’t want to buy the remote for whatever reason, these are good alternatives. It is true that you lose portability, but generally you will have more power in a computer than in a mobile.

Is the Nintendo Switch worth emulating?

The issue of emulation always raises many doubts and not only in the legal field. We already know that emulation is not a crime as long as you have the necessary rights. In addition, to enjoy old titles for which it is very difficult to find the computers where they were running natively, it has always been the best option.

Nevertheless, emulating the Nintendo Switch may not be such a good idea. The experience you are going to get with the console will always be much better than with any emulator. In addition, you do not lose the portability offered by all its current versions or that of connecting it to a screen with a greater diagonal in the case of the original model or the recent OLED version.

And since we’re talking about the latest Switch model, the built-in OLED display offers higher image quality with deeper blacks and attention-grabbing colors. So it’s up to you to decide. If you do not want to complicate yourself or limit yourself to the games that are compatible, because some will not work or will do it improperly, better buy a Switch. What’s more, in its Lite version it is even more economical and attractive to always carry.

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