This is how the Reddit mural was left after the endless war of youtubers

One user, one pixel. The Reddit Place collaborative project this April Fools’ Day started, exactly the same as the first time the experiment was carried out in 2017. It ended 72 hours later, that is, this morning. This new edition has been full of clashes and foul play, but it has also given rise to many iconic moments and magnificent pixel art works.

Rivalry with France even to put points on a canvas

The battle of Reddit Place 2022 has come to an end, and its impact has been impressive. On April 1st, the /r/place subreddit returned with its huge 1000 by 1000 white canvas. The goal? That each user of the forum contributes a measly pixel every five minutes, to choose between 16 colors. There have been many subreddits that have organized themselves to create their own pixel art works based on video games, sports and movies. However, the predominant in this edition have been the flags.

During all these days, the Hispanic community has had a major confrontation with the French community. The French coordination seemed from another planet, so youtubers such as Grefg or Rubius did not take long to dare to attack the creations of our neighbors to the north. In recent hours, the entire Spanish-speaking community has come together to put a stop to France, sometimes with the help of other communities. After losing a good sector on the right side of the map, everyone decided to end the great tricolor flag that was on the left side, with the face of Zinedine Zidane next to emblematic places such as the Louvre or the Arc de Triomphe.

However, no matter how many pixels were placed, Zidane’s face reappeared as if by magic. It was obvious that the Frenchies were cheating one more time. those who were in streaming with Ibai, seeing that time was running out, they decided to counterattack using the same. At about 12 midnight, they got hold of a script for Tampermonkey in the hope that lost ground could be regained. Rubius opposed the idea from a moment, but finally, the community installed the program. This was Ibai’s nightmare. The atmosphere was heating up, and the noble giant’s chat was filled with waves of Frenchmen who came only to insult him. The streamer he held up well, but we can say that the French took the game too seriously.

And came the snap of Thanos’s fingers

end r place

Finally, the joke came, and it was brilliant. The Reddit team already knew that many users were going to cheat by doing bot usage. In fact, this was the great criticism that the first edition of the game had. Without prior notice, almost at 1 in the morning (Spanish time), the color palette disappeared and only white remained. The bots began to paint their areas white, making it clear that they were cheating. The huge flag of France in the lower left corner of the canvas disappeared in a matter of seconds. The bots destroyed their own creations.

The Hispanic community was highly disorganized. Although other communities were asked for help—including a distress call to the BTS Army—no piece of art was ultimately recorded in the design. The long-awaited ‘Ñ’ that was pursued days ago, or the ideas that emerged at the last minute, was not achieved. However, the final trolling with the white pixels was the icing on the cake. Once again, we Spaniards can say that the French flag is one of those white rags used to surrender.

This is how the timelapse looks

In this video you can see how the game has evolved during all these days.

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