This is how the robot Jeff from the movie Finch, played by Tom Hanks, was created

One of the latest releases available on Apple TV + is Finch, a new movie starring Tom Hanks that has become the best premiere on Apple TV +. The film Finch tells the story of a engineer, a dog and a robot.

In Variety they have contacted the smovie visual effects supervisor, Scoot Stokdyk, who, with the help of his team, created the robot Jeff thanks to the actor Caled Landry Jones, who, precisely, gives him the voice in the original version.

So it was done finch

Stokdyk had actor Caleb Landry Jones don a special costume complete with a mask, as well as practical items like the robot’s outer arms and gloves. “We use the latest motion capture technology that does not rely on optical cameras. That allowed us to have gyro sensors that can be under clothing. When the other elements of Jeff’s robot were added later, Stokdyk was able to choose which one would be real and which one would be added in CGI.

If you have already seen the movie, you have been able to see how Jeff more than a robot looks like a human, by the movements it has. According to Stokdyk, the intention was to make the public believe that Jeff is completely real.

This movie was destined to be released in theaters, but, as already happened with Greyhound, the production company decided to sell it to the highest bidder to be released on a streaming video platform, and in both cases it was Apple TV +.

Jeff’s creation process does not differ much from that used in movies like Marvel or, without going any further, in some video games like Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends to represent the movements and / or dances that are periodically introduced.

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