This is how the Spider-Man films that are not Marvel will be known now

Spider-Man movies… from Sony

We have already told you at length why Spider-Man is from Sony and not from Disney (owner of Marvel Studios, remember), so instead of dwelling on this exciting story, we will focus directly on the current films of the firm Japanese.

As you know, the Asian company has in its library with different Spider-Man films, tapes that have formed entire sagas and in which we have seen several actors in the role of Spider-Man. Not only that. Likewise, the firm has been in charge of putting into circulation even other characters from the arachnid universe, with the launch, for example, of Venom -of which there will be a second part in theaters this year.


Referring to all of them can be a bit tedious, so internally the name “Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters” was used (in its acronym, SPUMC, and translated into Spanish “Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters). Now this has changed and Sony has taken advantage of the launch of the trailer of Spider-man: No way home to make it public and official.

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

You are already reading it in the title: Sony’s Spider-Man Universe – which would come to be translated as the “Sony Spider-Man Universe” – is the official name to refer to all the Spider-Man movies owned by Sony. It is undoubtedly a much more “manageable” and easy-to-remember title than the previous one, we would not even be surprised if the firm used it at a more commercial level to reinforce its product – and in passing to remind everyone with pride that the Super Hero it belongs to.

Other tapes that are also included under this “concept” are the aforementioned second part of Venom -whose release date does not stop dancing between the end of this year and the next-, that of Morbius -which will not see the light until 2022- or that of Kraven the hunter (Kraven The Hunter), to which Sony will also dedicate a film. It is known that the Japanese house also has other related projects in mind, but has not released more for the moment.


It is therefore clear that the company intends to continue taking advantage of its beloved character and everything related to him, regardless of his unstoppable career in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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