This is how they can steal your Netflix account, but you can avoid it

Methods to steal Netflix

The fact of steal a netflix account and similar platforms means that the cybercriminal will be able to sell it. There are many accounts for sale on the Dark Web. For this reason, it is convenient to know what methods they can use to steal from us and thus take measures to prevent this from happening.


No doubt the most common method Hackers use to steal Netflix accounts and other platforms is Phishing. Basically it is a well-orchestrated scam with which they try to get the victim to hand over the data thinking that they are accessing the official page.

They will always use a bait for it. They usually send an email informing of a problem, of something that we must do in our account. They can even tell us that someone has entered and that we must verify that it is us. In this way, the victim has to log in to the account and the password, instead of going to the legitimate Netflix servers, ends up in the hands of cyber criminals.

Keyloggers and Trojans

Another widely used method is malware usage. Here we can find several options, but mainly keyloggers and Trojans stand out. The first is responsible for recording everything that the victim types on the keyboard and that also includes Netflix passwords. In the second case, the attacker will take control of the computer.

To avoid this, it is best to always have a good antivirus. Security programs will detect threats of this type and will be able to eliminate them to always keep Windows or the operating system you use in good condition in order to avoid the theft of passwords and personal information.

Simple password guessing

Another reason why your Netflix account can be stolen is something as simple as guess the password. And yes, hackers can try multiple common combinations to gain account access. From there, they can exchange it and put it up for sale on the Dark Web.

Today the most used passwords are still of the type 123456, 11223344 and similar. In addition, it is common for users of this type of platform to use words or digits that are easy for them to remember. For example your name, date of birth, etc. An attacker can use such combinations to find the key.

To avoid this type of attack, the ideal is to have secure and strong passwords. They must be completely random, unique and of an appropriate length. You can create secure passwords with PasswordGenerator and similar services.

Infected third-party devices

If you log in on another computer that isn’t yours, such as a public computer or just a friend or family member’s device, you don’t control security as much. You don’t know if you can have any virus or any threat that puts your account at risk when you go to log in.

This is another reason why they can steal passwords. Using public Wi-Fi networks can also pose a risk, so always take precautions when logging in from computers or networks that we don’t control. In this way you will be protected and you will not have problems.

In short, as you have seen, there are several reasons why they can steal your Netflix passwords and enter the account. It is important that you take preventive measures and make sure that no one enters without your consent.

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