This is how they return the money of a purchase

Almost all of us buy amazon today. It is very convenient to open the browser, search for what we want, buy it, and the next day have it at home, also cheaper than in other stores and with free shipping. However, online shopping does not always go as you want. And it is that, although Amazon is one of the most reliable stores, from when we make the order until it arrives at our house there are many factors for which the shipment can go wrong. And so what do I do?

The first thing we must bear in mind is that, although all customers should be treated equally, when it comes to having a problem and looking for solutions, Amazon Prime users usually receive better answers and solutions than users who are not subscribed. to the program. Also, the longer we are in this plan, and the more we buy, the better care we will receive. This is something that the company has never admitted, but has already been shown several times.

When buying from Amazon, the moment we have a problem, the company will try to give us a solution as soon as possible. Regardless of whether it has arrived in poor condition, we have made a mistake when buying it, or even if it has not arrived, Amazon will try to give us a solution. But also, according to his Terms of Servicewe are entitled to compensation that, almost always, is equal to the value of the product we have purchased.

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When to request a refund

Amazon’s use and service policy hides many secrets. And one of them is the one we are seeing in this article. Thanks to him, if we are buying any product in this store, and it does not arrive, we will be able to contact them to reach a solution.

It may be the case that a product appears as “delivered” on Amazon but, in reality, it is not. At this point there may have been several cases: a logistical problem, a loss by the delivery men, or that they have left it somewhere else (to the neighbor) and that, if we get along badly, they will no longer return it to us.

Amazon has the obligation to deliver the package to the person who bought it, to the recipient. So, and we don’t have it, then we need to get in touch with them. They will almost always ask us to Let’s wait a few more days to see if it arrives. But, if after these two or four days we still do not have the package, we must contact customer service.

When exposing the subject, they will offer us several solutions. For example, resend the packageor offer compensation in the form of a gift voucher. But, what they almost never offer, and they have an obligation to offer, is a full refund of the order. In addition to compensation for the damage caused (which can be a check for 5 euros to spend). In the event that Amazon tells us that it “cannot do anything”, we must refer precisely to these terms and conditions of service.

And what if it is not Amazon who sells?

We always we recommend buying products sold and shipped by Amazon, since it is how we will have fewer problems and with what we can take advantage of the advantages like the previous one. But, if we buy from another seller, we are not going to be stranded either.

If the package does not arrive, or arrives with poor quality, what we have to do is contact the seller and try to reach some kind of agreement with him. In case you don’t get it, Amazon will intervene to find the best solution, always defending the buyer. In this way, we will almost always get the product refunded.

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