This is how they use your Facebook or Instagram to know all your passwords

They use social networks to steal passwords

We can say that social networks are a widely used means of communication and also very useful for staying informed. But one way or another we’re going to expose a lot of information. On sites like Facebook or Instagram we can expose data on where we live, where we travel, what is the name of our pet, what is our date of birth…

And yes, today a very important percentage of Internet users still use weak passwords that contain things like your name and surname, date of birth, the name of your pet, where they live… And hackers know that, so they can find a way to find out this data to create different combinations and find the way to break passwords.

This is where social networks such as Facebook or Instagram come into play, which in many cases will provide a Lots of information. An attacker can enter our profile and see when our birthday is, if we have any photos with our pet and see if we have put his name, where we live, etc.

In case we have any of the passwords that are very common (and insecure) such as the name and date of birth, combining the name of the pet and where we live or anything similar, a hacker would have many options to get into the account. What you would have to do is combine the most common and try to see if those keys match.

How to avoid this problem

Luckily, avoiding this problem is really easy. The first thing is to always use a password that is really secure. You should avoid everything that we have mentioned: do not use your name, date of birth, words or digits that can relate to you, such as the name of your pet or the telephone number, etc.

That password should be unique and totally random. Think of a key like 3(dP-l%-a=1$nOw. Hard to figure out, right? Surely hackers weren’t going to guess it and even brute force attacks would be unfeasible if the access key is what it is. long enough, so that’s the first piece of advice.

The second advice, beyond the problem that they can guess passwords, is do not expose more personal information of the necessary in social networks. Not only could they know what your password is, that really if you use a secure key there would be no reason for it, but they could use that information to launch personalized Phishing attacks and thus steal the key.

A good idea is to use password managers to be able to create and store keys in complete safety. This will help you not to forget them, but also not to make the mistake of using simple things, such as our name or date of birth. This is the only way you can always protect your accounts, whether they are from social networks or any other online platform.

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