This is how this sad scene from Vision was going to be in Wandavision

It’s been over a year since Disney+ premiered WandaVision, one of the most popular series on the platform in recent times. And it has been because of how well it has complemented other stories in the Marvel universe. Now, we have seen conceptual art that shows us what one of the saddest scenes in the series would have been like, starring Vision himself.

A different look at this scene

Without a doubt it has been one of the most important and at the same time unpleasant scenes that the series has left us. And now Marvel Studios wanted to give fans who dare to know what that sequence could have really been like. We discuss Vision’s autopsy as Wanda watches disconsolately.. A hard moment for many fans, and it could have been even more unpleasant if Disney had decided to show things as they had initially thought.

Now it’s been the artist Phil Saunders who has shared the true vision, never better said, from that moment of the autopsy, how it had been initially conceived to be lowered in intensity later. This scene shows the moment of Vision’s autopsy in a much more human aspect, which produces an even more accentuated feeling of unease.


But in this case the protagonist is Vision and his metallic, robotic body, which shown in much more detail which could be seen in the series itself, where this aspect was left in the background. Therefore, it is clear that this was going to be one of the saddest and most traumatic scenes for WandaVision fans. Although knowing Disney and its fixation on having a friendly streaming platform and family-friendlyit is not necessary to explain too much why they did not take the step of showing that sequence as it had been designed.


Total up to three Vision illustrations can be seen, in the foreground, where it is possible to see in great detail how they are dissecting him to learn more about how his sad end has been. Some images that go beyond what the stomachs of many Marvel fans and the adventures of this superhero couple would have endured.

No second season?

Marvel already announced at the time that WandaVision was conceived as a miniseries, and that a second season was therefore not appropriate, since it is understood that the story it narrates has a closed ending. But almost at the same time as this, the president and creative director of Marvel, Kevin Feige, assured that the story of Wanda Maximoff will continue in other parallel projects that will come in the future. So we will not have more seasons of the series, but we will surely find winks in the future in other projects such as Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where it is more than evident that The Scarlet Witch will have an important role. At least that we have been able to deduce from one of the trailers shared by the Americans in recent weeks.

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