This is how WhatsApp will work on iPad, available very soon

WhatsApp is already being tested on iPads

Several months ago, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, confirmed the company’s intentions to finally make its WhatsApp application multiplatform, allowing it to be used simultaneously on several devices through official applications. This information was later converted into evidence that tests were indeed being carried out.

At the end of last week a WABetaInfo information in which a capture was attached in which it could already be clearly seen that WhatsApp would reach the iPad. In it you can see what appears to be a panel of the settings of the app in which all the devices in which you have logged in are listed. In fact it shows that it will be a maximum of 4 devices those that can be configured. It is less than other apps, but much more practical than what we had until now.

wabeta whatsapp ipad

It is expected that when this feature is announced, WhatsApp will be available on both iPad and Android tablets. It is not known exactly whether in Mac and Windows fixed support will be given to it or if, on the contrary, it will continue with the WhatsApp Web mechanics, which has certain impediments such as logging out after a certain time.

Goodbye to the tedious apps that mimicked this function

Right now and until this official application arrives, the only way to have WhatsApp on an iPad is by downloading a third-party client in the App Store. What they do is connect to the WhatsApp servers with the same WhatsApp Web method, since in the end they are not clients as such but a transformation of that web service into an app.

And these can fulfill their role of being able to write to your contacts from the iPad, but in the end they have many drawbacks such as annoying advertising that sometimes becomes too intrusive, not receiving notifications directly or seeing that you have logged out after a few minutes without opening it. The official app will change all that, although for the moment a date remains unannounced. Although it might not take long if we consider that it will reach the beta in the next few days.

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