This is how you can change the PIN on an iPhone

Why you should change your code

When you change your telephone company, or sign up for a new telephone line, a SIM card will arrive at your home to insert into your iPhone or iPad. Along with it will arrive a larger card that includes a PIN and PUK code that is unique. Obviously, if you have not received this information, you will have to contact the operator that has been the issuer in order to solve this serious problem.

In this case the PIN code is randomly generated by the operator. In order to protect yourself from possible leaks, it can always be relevant to make a first change. In this way you will always have control of your SIM card. This also adds to the possibility of select a four-digit code that you can remember more easily. This is important as many people have short memories, and need to put in code that is much more familiar. It is something that can be applied to both conventional and digital cards, such as the eSIM.

Is it advisable to remove the PIN?

Obviously, you will be thinking that if you have to choose a PIN code to always remember, there is also the option of leaving the card without a code. This is something that is natively implemented on the cards and can be done through the device settings. But as can be logical, it is an action that is highly inadvisable. As in your social networks you have configured a password that must be secure, the same should happen with your SIM card.

A lot of information is stored on the SIM card, such as the telephone contacts you have or the information of your internet provider. In other words, anyone who gets hold of this simple card will be able to make calls on your behalf with your phone number and also browse the internet. This is important, because if someone wants to make international calls with your card, they will get a bill that is bulging. That is why you should always have a code that only you know. In this way you will avoid possible scares in the event of theft, and you will also protect all the information.

SIM card

Although we always talk about physical cards, this is something that also applies to virtual cards or eSIM. They must also have a PIN code to avoid problems in the future. Although it cannot be removed from the device like physical cards, it can also be used maliciously, although it is much more complicated. But the truth is that having the PIN code configured will not bring you any problem, since only advantages can be listed.

Change iPhone SIM card pin

In this case, there is no limitation when changing the PIN code of the card. It can be done as many times as you want, although you should always keep in mind that you will have to know the previous one. It is not valid to make the change because you have forgotten about it, because during the process it will be necessary to have it. Once you take this information into account, you will simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Get in the A’sfair of the iPhone
  2. Go to Mobile data. It is among the first options, the fourth specifically between Bluetooth and Internet Sharing.
  3. Once inside Mobile data you will find various options related to your operator. You should go where it says SIM PIN.
  4. You will see that the option to enable or disable The PIN. If you deactivate it, this code will not be required at any time when you turn on the iPhone. The option of “Change PIN” is what interests us now.
  5. Enter your current PIN.
  6. Enter your new PIN code. Try to put one that you can remember.
  7. Enter your new PIN again To confirm.

change pin iphone

From this moment on, in order to use the SIM card, you will have to enter this new code and not the old one. In order to verify that it has been completely done, you will have to choose to restart the device, which is one of the situations in which this security code will be required.

In the event that you do not know the PIN of your card

As a general rule, you should know that the PIN or PUK code should never be entered randomly. It is a reality that many people may not be able to enter the PIN code for several months or even years, because they do not see the need to turn off their mobile. This means that the PIN code is very easily forgotten by not using it frequently and even more so if it does not coincide with another four-digit PIN that is used on a daily basis. The normal thing on many occasions is to try to enter the codes randomly, since you think it may be one that you have in mind. But this is clearly a serious mistake. This is because the device offers a limited number of attempts to enter it.

In the event that these attempts do not match, the SIM card will end up being blocked for security. In this way, it will not be possible to easily extract the PIN code by brute force. Faced with this situation, you will be forced to contact the operator itself, which will be able to provide you with the necessary information. In the event that they cannot offer you a new code, you will have to choose to request a new SIM card, with the cost that it may have on the invoice.

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