This is how you can prepare your router for your smart home and not have problems

What we are going to look for is that you can connect your home automation devices and not have difficulties accessing the network. It is key to ensure that the coverage arrives well, but also that it is of good quality and that the occasional cuts and errors do not appear when you are going to use many devices at the same time.

Improve the router for home automation

It doesn’t matter if you have a new router or an older one; In any case, you can always make some small changes or adjustments and thus improve the Internet network. You will be able to have greater speed, stability and avoid even security problems, which could compromise other devices.

Good ubication

Something fundamental is locate the router very well. If you are going to automate your home, you need coverage to reach many areas. You are going to have light bulbs in different rooms, smart plugs scattered around, or a variety of appliances that you are going to want to connect to the network correctly.

A good option is to put it in the center of the house, from where it distributes the signal well. But you should also take into account factors such as moving it away from possible interference or not placing it next to a large wall or obstacle that could block the signal. That will help everything work better.

Choose the right channel

What you should avoid is that the network becomes too saturated. By using home automation, you will have more devices connected to the network. That can cause problems, especially if you don’t take steps to prevent it. Even your neighbors, who may also use many devices, could be affecting your network. This occurs because you are using a saturated channel.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend choose a good channel, that is not saturated. Finding one that is free or one that has fewer connections can make the wireless network work better and you will not have problems when you connect more devices in your home.

Update firmware

It is always good to have the updated router firmware. You may have some connection limitation and are not aware of it. If you are going to connect home automation devices, they could be more sensitive to these limitations and begin to notice certain problems when trying to navigate or access the network.

Some router models update themselves, automatically. Others, however, you have to do it manually. Sometimes you will have to go into settings, but you might even have to download the files from the manufacturer’s website.

Also use Ethernet cables

You may not always be interested in connecting devices wirelessly to the router. In fact, if you notice that the connection is saturated, an alternative is to use network wire. You could connect compatible devices and thus gain stability and have greater speed for your home automation devices.

Especially, if you need to have a very good connection on a specific device, you can take advantage of a free port on the router and connect it by cable. Also if that device is in an area where there is interference.

See if the Ethernet cable is of quality

Improve coverage

Another option you have, beyond specifically improving the router, is to have a more coverage. Here you can help yourself with other devices. You could install PLC devices in the home, a Mesh system or repeaters. The objective is to extend coverage to other areas of the home and ensure that there are no problems when using home automation.

It is important that you choose devices that are dual band, have good speed and quality. You can read comments and ratings and thus choose the one that best suits what you will need to have a good Internet connection.

Therefore, with these tips that we have given you can prepare your router for home automation. It is key to have a good connection and be able to connect devices of all types without the dreaded cuts and speed failures appearing. That will help you take better advantage of smart home.

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