This is how you can redeem your digital game codes

The only option to buy both games that have just arrived on the market and those that have been on the market for a while is to use platforms like Instant Gaming, Eneba, CDkeys, Gamivo, SCDkey and Kinguin. Through these platforms, you can buy game codes to redeem on Steam, Epic Games, Store, Origin, Ubisoft Connect, GOG and more. In addition, we can also find codes for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

The first thing we must do before buying a download code for a game is to select from which platform we are going to play. If the platform you use the most is Steam, if the game is available on that platform, the ideal is to buy a download code from this platform. But, if the game is not available on Steam, but it is on other platforms like the Epic Games Store or GOG, you will have to select the platform that you like the most, because, in the end, it always comes down to taste.

A Steam game download code can never be used on the Epic Games Store or on any other platform. The same thing happens if you buy a Ubisoft Connect download code. Each platform has its own code system, exclusive codes for each of them, so if you make a mistake, you will have to buy it again or adapt to the platform, since these codes cannot be returned.

Redeem Steam Codes

Taking into account that Steam is the largest platform for PC games in digital format, we are going to start with it. to redeem steam game download codesfirst of all, we must open the application.

Next, we go to the Products menu and select the option Redeem a Steam Skin code.

Redeem Steam Games

This will open a new Steam window titled Redeem a Gift Card or Code. We must enter the code that we received by email after making the purchase in the Steam Wallet Code field and finally click on Continue.

Redeem Steam Games

From this point on, we can access our game library and start downloading the game to our computer.

Use codes from the Epic Games Store

The second video game platform in digital format is the Epic Games Store. Although it is a video game studio whose best-known title is Fortnite, in your store we can find practically the same games that are also released on Steam.

If we want to redeem a code in the Epic Games Store, we can do it through the following link to the Epic website where we must log in with our account data, or directly from the application by clicking on the initial of our account name located in the corner top right of the application and click on redeem code.

Redeem games Epic Games

Next, we write the code or paste it in the text box where 4 blocks of 4-digit codes are shown, represented by zeros and finally, we click on Redeem so that the title is added to our library.

Redeem games Epic Games


GOG is the third most used video game platform in digital format, behind Steam and the Epic Games Store. By following the steps detailed below, you will be able to redeem GOG codes from the app.

The option for redeem codes in the GOG app it is available through the gear wheel available at the top left of the app. When clicking on it, we click on Add games and friends and, in the next drop-down menu, click on the Redeem GOG code button.

Redeem GOG games

Next, a new window will be displayed in the center of the application inviting us to enter the code that we want to redeem in the text box provided for this purpose. Finally, click on the Continue button.

Redeem GOG games

Seconds later, the title will be available in the Games – Games purchased section from where we can download it to our computer.

With Ubisoft Connect

The Ubisoft video game platform, formerly known as UPlay, allows us to access titles such as the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry saga, Rainbox Six, The Division, Watch Dogs, among others, although many of these titles are also available on the Epic Games Store and on Steam.

If you want to redeem a code in Ubisoft Connect, the first thing we must do is open the application and click on the three horizontal lines that are in the upper left part of the application, selecting the option Activate a code.

Redeem Ubisoft games

Now, we must write or paste the game code that we want to associate with our account and click on the Activate button. This button will only be shown in blue when you have verified that it is made up of a code of 4 or 5 blocks of letters, each one made up of 4 letters.

Redeem Ubisoft games

Once the code has been successfully redeemed, click on the Games menu located at the top of the application to install it on our computer.

From Origin

Behind the Origin video game platform is the Electronics Arts studio, creator of titles such as the FIFA, Battlefield, The Sims, Plants vs. Zombies among others in addition to Apex Legends and Titan Fall. Some of these titles are available on platforms like Steam.

If you want to use an Origin code, you must open the app. In the top menu of the application, click on Origin and, from the options menu that is displayed, click again on Redeem product code.

redeem origin games

In the pop-up window that appears, we must enter the code of the game that we want to associate with our game library. Once redeemed, the title is available in the My game library section from where we can download it to our computer.

redeem origin games

With Battle.Net

Download codes are also available on the Battle.Net app which gives access to both Activision and Blizzard games. To use a download code, first of all, we must click on the icon that represents our user, located in the upper right corner of the application. In the drop-down menu that appears, we select the option Redeem a code.

redeem Battle Net games

Next, a new window will be displayed where we must enter the game code in the Enter code text box and finally click on Redeem code so that the title is added to the library of games that we have available in our Battle.Net account.

redeem Battle Net games


The Amazon Games application is nothing more than a launcher for each and every one of the games that it gives away to Prime users every month through Twitch. We can’t buy any games Through Amazon Games, we only have access to those that we already have associated with our account.

By not offering the option to purchase games, we obviously do not have the option to be able to purchase game codes through third party platforms and redeem them on Amazon Games. If we want to play titles developed by Amazon Games, as is the case with the free game Lost Arkwe must go to Steam,

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