This is how you cancel your subscription to SkyShowtime, but you would be making a mistake

To the many proposals related to video streaming that we can use today, it has recently been added SkyShowtime. As with its competition, here we find a good amount of content in the form of movies, series, and documentaries.

We only have to subscribe to the platform as such and thus begin to enjoy everything that it offers us by default. It is true that it is an online video streaming service that is currently in full growth. Its seniority is much lower than that of other proposals such as Netflix or HBO Max, but its top managers want to compete directly with them. Precisely for all this, it is expected that the contents of this platform of videos grow substantially over time.

Obviously, the first thing that its managers are looking for is to get the largest possible customer base. As is usual in the rest of the streaming services of these characteristics, here there are several factors that directly influence. On the one hand, we find the quantity and quality of these movies and series. The official applications available, their reliability, and of course, the price are also taken into account.

How to cancel my subscription to SkyShowtime

But it can also be the circumstance that we have subscribed to the service, but it does not finish convincing us. At this point, the best thing we can do is cancel the subscription in order to save the cost of it in future months.

This is something that the platform allows us to carry out quickly and easily, as we will show you below. However, this may not be the best decision in this specific case, we will tell you the reason for this later. In order to cancel the account that we mentioned and that you recently opened at SkyShowtime, the first thing we do is access the official Web of the platform where the created users will appear.

It must be taken into account that here we have the possibility of enjoying all these contents even in 3 screens simultaneously. Hence, on many occasions we will create different users to use in this same account. Well, after clicking on the aforementioned button, Account, we find several sections to manage it.

cancel SkyShowtime

The one that interests us in this case is called Your plan, where we precisely find a link that says Cancel subscription. In this way we can continue enjoying the movies and series until the next billing datewhen our SkyShowtime account will actually be terminated.

Canceling the account is not the best decision

However, we have already told you before that this may not be the best decision if you have subscribed to this online service from the beginning. We tell you this because one of its main attractions is that from its beginnings it offers us an interesting offer. Specifically, we are referring to the fact that the subscription to SkyShowtime will cost us half the price for life if we subscribe before the April 25th.

In reality, this means that, if we cancel the account as we have seen, and we regret it after the aforementioned date, we will already have to pay the full subscription and we will lose that interesting 50% lifetime offer.

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