This is how you request your marriage certificate online

If we need to request marriage certificate online, unfortunately it is not always possible to have it at the moment. This is due to the fact that the civil registry of some populations, the digitization of information is something of the future and is not yet within reach. Fortunately, we are only going to find ourselves in these cases when it comes to small populations, so, unless we have gotten married in a district or similar, we will not have any problem obtaining it instantly.

And, if this is not the case, we will have to wait for the application to be processed by other means and wait comfortably at home where we will receive the corresponding certificate by mail. We can also run into the problem that it is not possible to obtain it digitally not via postal mail. In this case, we will receive the necessary instructions to be able to obtain it by other means.

As is usual to carry out any type of online procedure and for public administrations to verify that we are the legitimate owners of the data we are requesting, the fastest and most secure method is to use an electronic certificate through the browser. However, it is not the only method available since we can also use the Cl@ve system if we do not have it. We also have the option of requesting it by post using the corresponding form.

Using an electronic certificate

The simplest, safest and most comfortable method is to use an electronic certificate or the Cl@ve system using a user name and password. To request the marriage certificate electronically, we must do so through this link on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

Next, we click on On-line processing with Cl@ve to start the process. If we have any doubts about the steps we must follow to request the certificate, there is a video on that same website where they show step by step how we must carry out the process.

By postal mail

Another method that we have at our disposal to request a marriage certificate without having to leave home through the postal mail through this website. where should we download the application form and fill in all the information requested.

Marriage certificate

In that same form, we can specify that the certificate be sent to us by ordinary mail or indicate that we will pick it up at the corresponding Civil Registry, where we must send the form, either electronically through an email or using the postal service.

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