This is how you should make the first charge to your iPhone

The company stresses at all times that lithium-ion batteries have the ability to charge much faster and last longer than conventional batteries. In this way, we are facing a great advance to take into account in order to recharge the battery efficiently. Likewise, a higher energy density is also offered, that is, there is greater autonomy in a smaller space due to the internal architecture.

How the charging system works

The fact of being lithium batteries, makes these do not have a memory effect which is something that was left in the past, with those built in nickel. This means that they can be recharged at any time. As we have said before, you will be able to charge without waiting for the battery to be completely discharged. These types of batteries always work for different charging cycles. In this case, the cycles are always completed when 100% of the battery capacity has been used up, but not after a single charge.

The clearest example that applies is that if you have a battery that has consumed 75% of its charge during the day, it is normal to fully charge it at night. In this case, if 25% is consumed the next day, you will have finally downloaded 100% and this will eventually result in a full cycle. Each of the batteries have a certain number of cycles since they leave the factory. Obviously, when these cycles are consumed in the end, the autonomy of the device will suffer. This is one of the factors that is taken into account right now in order to take into account the battery health that is displayed within the operating system in the settings tab.

But equally, we must bear in mind that Apple’s battery is always designed to be able to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after many full charge cycles. Likewise, different protection systems are integrated to be able to always limit the charge to 80% if the battery is above the recommended temperature. This is a process that always seeks to extend the useful life.

Manage your iPhone battery

Once all this information is taken into account, we can move on to talking about battery management as such. It has been seen that there are many differences between current batteries and those designed several years ago. In this case there is no type of memory effect, and that is why they must flee from the old advice or quotes that could always be heard. Having to do a full charge first, or a full discharge is currently unnecessary with lithium-ion batteries.

iphone battery health

That is why it is always recommended to use the iPhone in a normal way at first in order to consume the battery. But it is important not to force wear as was done previously. If not, you will be able to use it in its initial configuration. And we upon reaching 20%, moment in which a warning appears to be able to activate the low consumption mode, we recommend charge the battery. Likewise, following the theory that we have explained previously, what is really interesting is having a constant charge of the device. That is, if you have the opportunity to charge the iPhone, always connect it so that the battery will not wear out any more. In this case, what can always be done is to limit in this way the consumption of the cycles load. In the long run, the health of the battery will end up thanking these facts of making constant charges, since the autonomy will remain stable.

Always use authorized chargers

One of the most important points to take into account in this case is the use of authorized chargers. In this case, it should be ruled out that there are many Apple devices, especially the most recent ones, that do not have a charger in the device box. This means that at first you have to use a charger that you have at home to be able to start the first charge, especially if you have never had an iPhone or a company device before.

iphone charging

Many very different charger models can be found on the market. In this case, the officials can back down on many occasions as a result of the price it has in the Apple Store or in other stores. But equally, it is important not to have a charger that is mediocre, because although it is seen as a completely optional accessory in terms of its function, it should be noted that it has great technology inside. Allow this way have access to a very specific amperage and power for the device you are currently using.

But there is an intermediate option that can be taken into account, and they are the chargers that are authorized by Apple. In this case they are not official Apple, but have the authorization of the company. This gives the guarantee in this way that the charger that you are going to acquire has the necessary guarantees to have maximum safety in charging.

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