This is how you should place your light bulbs at home and make better use of light to save

To achieve savings on the electricity bill, something that you must take into account is the use of light bulbs. You must look at factors such as type, power, size, and also distribution. All this is going to make you spend more or less. Especially if you have a lot of lights at home, managing them correctly will help you save money every month. In this article we are going to talk about where should you put the bulbs. The goal is to make better use of light and save.

Where to put the light bulbs at home

Where to put the light bulbs at home? That it will depend on the area that we need to illuminate. As you will see, there are certain places where you will have to put it in a fixed place, so that it points to something more specific, while on other occasions you can place them in such a way that the lighting is more general.

Illuminate walkways

A first basic point is to place the bulbs in areas where we really need them, as are the transit areas. For example, a corridor, a space through which we have to pass to enter a room, a garage, the front door… Basically light bulbs in specific places where we need to have light.

The exact place where to place the bulbs will depend on each case. For example, in a corridor what we want is general lighting. We don’t really need it to illuminate a very specific area, as it would happen at a table where we are going to read. Therefore, in this case, the ideal is to place light bulbs in the central areas of the corridor.

Several zones in one big room

The normal thing is that we place the light bulbs in a central area of ​​the room. It is the most optimal to illuminate as much as possible and not put it in a corner. But of course, a typical bedroom room is not the same as a large living room where there will be much more space.

In the latter case, when we are going to put light bulbs in a large room or large living room, the ideal is that we distribute them in several areas. This will help us to have a greater luminosity. You can put several light bulbs spread over different spaces and not all of them together. If you have a good Wi-Fi connection, you can always use smart bulbs and control them for these cases.

Using light bulbs well at home

Target specific areas

This is undoubtedly a very important factor. Sometimes we will need illuminate something in particular. For example, a table where we are going to work, read, study… Also places in the house such as a table where we are going to eat, the sink, etc. It is important that these places are properly lit.

A mistake would be trying to fill a room where we are going to study or work at a table with light bulbs. The ideal is to have a good lamp, if possible to illuminate from a medium height and directly to the table, and not have several bulbs scattered around the room and creating more general lighting.

Beware of the shadows

Something very important when placing light bulbs in certain places is avoid shadows. Not only for saving energy, but also for practicality. For example, the lights that illuminate the bathroom, the sink and mirror area, must be placed in such a way that they can illuminate that space without creating shadows.

One mistake is to place them on top, pointing slightly behind where we really need the light to point. That will create shadows and make it difficult for us to see well.

In short, as you have seen, sometimes you may be interested in placing the light bulbs in more specific spaces, while on other occasions you simply have to place them in the center of a room, corridor, etc.

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