This is how you should protect yourself from this feared attack that the National Police alerts

computer attacksUnfortunately, there are many on the Internet. Cybercriminals can use a wide variety of strategies to steal your passwords, personal data and compromise your privacy online. In this article we are going to focus on a threat that has been alerted by the National Police. We are going to tell you what you must do to protect yourself, to prevent them from attacking you. It is essential to always maintain good protection.

Is about LockBit Locker, a ransomware campaign. It comes through a Phishing email. Although it is usually aimed at companies, the truth is that it could also reach home users. However, whatever your case, it is key to always maintain security and avoid attacks of this type. One of the main problems, as warned by the National Police, is that the attack is very sophisticated and the victim does not suspect anything until she encounters the problem.

Avoid the threat of LockBit Locker

A ransomware attack what it seeks is to encrypt system files. It will prevent the victim from entering normally and they would lose all the content they have stored. To prevent that from happening, they are going to request a payment. But of course, even paying, in many cases the files are never recovered. That is why it is essential to protect yourself.

From the National Police, they warn that the mail contains a link to a fake domain, which does not exist, called They pose as a photography company. From there, they exchange various emails to build trust. In one of those emails, they are going to send a file for the victim to open. From there the problem begins, since the LockBit Locker ransomware is executed.

Protecting yourself is essential. The most important thing is to keep the common sense. It is essential to avoid risks, such as opening an email that could be a scam, downloading an attached file without knowing what it contains, putting the data through a link that could be a fraud, etc. Avoiding mistakes is essential.

Problems with ransomware when opening a web page

You should also use a good anti virus. It is true that there are threats that it does not protect you from, such as a Phishing attack, but it is a good tool to detect many varieties of malicious software. Always install a guarantee security program that really fulfills the mission of protecting you.

Also, have the updated equipment It will help you correct vulnerabilities that may exist. Always keep the system with the latest version, as well as any program that you use in your day to day. That will make the protection maximum and you can protect yourself correctly at all times.

Regarding ransomware, a useful option to avoid problems is create backups. You will have your files protected and, in the event of an attack, you will always be able to back them up. An interesting way to prevent this type of threat can cause your files to be deleted forever.

In short, as you can see, the National Police warns of a campaign in which they use LockBit Locker. It is important that you take steps to protect yourself. In some cases you will be able to recover files encrypted by ransomware. In others, however, you will lose them forever.

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