This is how you solve problems with your AirTag

Problems connecting them to the iPhone

The first problems that can arise with AirTags have to do with the connection to the iPhone, that is, with that first configuration that is carried out in order to start using the device. It is also possible that during its use, it presents some pairing problem with iPhone or any other device through the Find My app. Therefore, it is very important that you take into account what we are going to tell you below so that you can solve these problems as quickly as possible.

AirTag does not connect

The main problem that can occur with the AirTag is that it does not connect to the iPhone or any other device through the Find My app. This can be due to different reasonsand therefore can have different solutions. The first thing we encourage you to check is if it is the battery, or stack in this case, is to blame for this disconnection. The Cupertino company, against all odds and to the surprise of many, included a battery inside the AirTag that is responsible for giving it enough energy to function properly. However, this battery has a finite life, so if you suspect that it may have run out, we recommend that you change it and recheck the connection.

iPhone and AirTag

On the other hand, the operation of the AirTag does not only depend on the autonomy that you have, since the signal it emits is subject to the presence of other Apple devices, that is, this device it is not a GPS locator that it is emitting its position continuously, but its operation consists of send a signal to the Apple devices around you, these being the ones in charge of sending the position of the AirTag to the Search network. So if you can’t find your AirTag, one of the possible reasons is that you don’t have an Apple device around you that you can send the signal to. Unfortunately, to solve this problem, the only thing you can do is wait for the AirTag to be able to send the signal to a company device and thus know its location.

Is linked to another Apple ID

If the AirTag you want to use is already linked to another Apple ID, There is only one way to transfer it to yours, and that is through the owner’s Search app. This process is known as resetting or setting up the AirTag, and of course it has to be done through the Find My app. Here are the steps you have to follow.

  1. open the App Search on your iPhone.
  2. Click on the «Objects«.
  3. Click on the AirTag which is linked to the account and which you want to reset.
  4. Scroll the pop-up screen to the bottom.
  5. Click on remove to unlink the AirTag from the Apple account it’s associated with.

AirTag from behind

With these steps, what you will achieve is to unlink the AirTag from the Apple account to which it is associated, and in this way, be able to link it to yours without any problem. Now, if what you want is to link an AirTag that you have found with your account, I am sorry to tell you that until the owner user does not carry out the process that we have explained to you previously, you will not be able to do so.

Problems using them

Once we have already reviewed the possible errors that you can find when configuring the AirTag with your Apple account and the connection with the iPhone itself, we go with the errors that may occur during the use and operation of the device, especially to time to find them and make use of the different functions they have.

The sound does not play

One of the ways through which you can find your AirTag is by the sound that they emit. Obviously it is something that is useful on occasions when the device is quite close to where you are located, such as at home or in the office. However, as we mentioned, one of the problems that you may encounter when using this capability is that the sound is not emitted or is not emitted correctly.

AirTag and backpack

There is no specific procedure to solve it, since it is a very rare mistake. However, our recommendation is that you review, first, the autonomy of the device itself, since it is possible that this is on its last legs and is the reason why the AirTag does not emit the sound that it should. On the other hand, if apparently everything is fine, our recommendation is that reset the AirTag and set it up again with your Apple account. In case the error remains, the last option is to go to an Apple Store to have them review the reason why this function may be failing.

My AirTag doesn’t appear in the Find My app

Another possible error that can arise when using the AirTag is that it does not appear in the Search app when you need to know its location. This bug has nothing to do with the fact that your AirTag is not locatable, since we are talking about the device itself not appearing in the list of objects within the Search app.

AirTag Precision Search

This error happens when the AirTag is unpaired entirely from your Apple account. It is very rare, and in fact, that this will happen is very unlikely, unless you have previously unlinked your AirTag from your Apple ID. In case it happens, the only solution you can carry out is sync it back to your account. Also, if when you bring the AirTag closer to the iPhone, the configuration screen does not appear, what you have to do is take out the battery and reinsert it so that the iPhone can recognize it and carry out all the steps to configure it.

notifications not coming

Another point in favor of using an AirTag is the notifications that it will send you whenever you move away from the device to which you have attached it, and consequently, it is one of the functions that can fail when using it. We say again that it is very unlikely that this type of failure will occur, and specifically this may not even be a failure, and we explain why.

Belkin AirTag and Keychain

Before ensuring that the fact that you do not receive notifications from the AirTag is really an error of the device itself, what we recommend is that Check if you have Search app notifications enabled. In addition, it is also important that you review the different concentration modes that you have configured, since it is possible that the absence of notifications is due to the fact that you have activated some concentration mode that does not allow them.

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