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Mac Studio iFixit

Once again iFixit opens an Apple product for all of us, in this case the small but powerful Mac Studio. In recent times, the colleagues at iFixit are not the first to carry out the complete “explosions” of Apple products, but as always, they offer, in our opinion, the best details and as much information as possible inside. On this occasion they show us a video of the disassembly and in this one they also talk about the slot for a second SSD that was talked about so much a few days ago.

In this case it was the small and powerful Mac Studio. We believe that this Mac, which has a launch price of 2,329 euros, is not intended for all users, although it is true that we would all like to have it. Now we see a video showing the inside of this Mac Studio.

As we can see in this video, the ‌Mac Studio‌ obtained a final possible repair score of 6 out of 10. This figure is really good considering that many components are soldered and glued on the motherboard itself. According to iFixit, this is a “worthy successor to the ‌Mac mini‌, but it is not fully prepared for professionals.” iFixit also showed off a first look inside the Studio Display on its website, and it turns out it looks a lot like an iMac. It looks like a product created from parts of others as the webcam on this Studio Display is similar to the camera on the iPhone 11, but iFixit didn’t show this Studio Display too much as there will be a deeper teardown in the near future. .

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