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Many times we pay more for things that we will not need at all. The component that has the most unnecessary elements is the motherboard, which integrates a lot of things that are worthless. we will see all elements that make your motherboard cost much more unnecessarily.

The truth is that it is very difficult (or impossible) for you to find a motherboard without all this “bullshit”. It has been established that motherboards must have these elements, which are simply cosmetic. Actually, we pay for a lot of things that we don’t need, but that are there, like RGB lighting, for example.

Nonsense that carries a motherboard

This is an important component, as it is used to communicate the processor, graphics card, storage, peripherals, etc. The problem is that we have gone from complete and functional motherboards to expensive motherboards with a lot of unnecessary things. You pay for all these unnecessary things, although you may never end up using them.

Some of the most useless elements of the motherboard are:

  • RGB lighting: It has become fashionable to turn your PC into what would be a typical roadside bar with lots of little lights. They do absolutely nothing, other than increase the consumption of the system. In addition, in many cases they end up turned off because they end up being very annoying.
  • Wifi: We can see how mid-range and high-end motherboards begin to offer this type of internet connection. The truth is that it does not make the slightest sense already having the conventional Ethernet ports
  • Various M.2 for SSD: The truth is ridiculous that a motherboard has more than one slot for M.2 SSD hard drives. Few users will install two of these storage drives, it makes no sense. If we want more capacity, for this there are SATA SSDs or HDDs, which offer more capacity and are cheaper
  • SATA ports: It doesn’t make much sense to have more than 4 SATA ports on our motherboard. With the arrival of the M.2, these have been left for secondary storage units. Also, no one installs DVD drives on their systems anymore, so why do we want more?
  • RAM memory shield: It makes a lot of sense to use the shield or booster on the graphics card’s PCIe socket, but what about the RAM? Well, the truth is that it doesn’t make any sense, it’s just aesthetic and doesn’t do any work. The RAM memory hardly has any weight and it is impossible for the motherboard to bend due to this component. Also, most users aren’t going to be swapping RAM in and out, so it’s not warranted.

extra cost gaming motherboards

Other elements that make it more expensive

We have seen the main unnecessary elements on a motherboard, but there are more. We are going to see all the extra things that do not add value to this component, rather, they subtract it. These are:

  • Sound card: That the sound card is integrated into the motherboard is great, but it has unnecessary elements. Few users will use either 5.1 or 7.1 setups, and even fewer digital sound output. It is a bit absurd to add all these extra elements on all motherboards, why fool ourselves
  • Two Ethernet ports: Some motherboards have two Ethernet ports, which doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense. Very few users will take advantage of them, so including it does not add anything to a motherboard
  • video connectors: It is good that the motherboard includes a video connector, in case we want to take advantage of the integrated graphics. If we want, we can think of HDMI as the standard video connector that should be on the motherboard. But why do we want an HDMI, DisplayPort and a DVI (or VGA)? It doesn’t make sense so much video connector
  • Two or more PCIe x16 slots: NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFire configurations are now discontinued. Currently, installing two graphics cards does not make much sense for gaming (if it ever did). So having two or more PCIe x16 slots for graphics cards doesn’t make any sense. We can support a second PCIe x16 slot for certain uses, but they are so rare that it makes no sense

We want to know your opinion on this and if there are other elements that you consider superfluous in current motherboards. Leave us your opinion about it in comments.

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