This is Microsoft’s workforce, which has increased by almost 50% in 5 years

Since 2017, Microsoft’s workforce has grown by almost 50%. Specifically, 46.5%, as reflected in the 2021 report on diversity and inclusion presented by the company. Today, the company has no less than 180,000 employees in more than 100 countries. Of course, this figure only refers to the employees of the parent company, and does not take into account the workers that LinkedIn has, or those of GitHub, both owned by Microsoft.

The majority of the company’s workforce is made up of men, with women making up only 29.7% of all Microsoft employees. 48.6% are white and 35.4% are Asian, while Hispanics or Latinos are 7% (it has risen 0.5%) and those of color, 5.7% (0.9% plus). Native American and Alaskan representation is 0.5%, and Hawaiian and Pacific Islander representation is 0.2%.

This data reflects Microsoft’s effort to diversify the company at all levels, from technical positions to management. In this regard, the number of women and minorities has grown the most in the company’s retail division, which has long been its most diverse sector. In addition, it has 7.1% disabled employees.

The Head of Diversity at Microsoft, Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, has highlighted that «This year has been difficult for many individuals, communities and organizations. Events of hatred and violence in the United States and around the world have continued to place racial injustice at the forefront of social consciousness, while the global pandemic has exacerbated inequalities and turned our lives upside down.«.

McIntyre also points out that «Faced with these realities, the sense of urgency to solve some of the main systemic problems of equality and inclusion is palpable. This report is an opportunity for us, in the sense that it allows us to quantify the impact of our work. Measurements and data are important to us, not only because they allow us to recognize progress, but also because they allow us to identify scenarios and opportunities to do better.«.

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