This is more important than the WiFi password and you don’t do it on your router

Have the well configured router and ready to go is important. It is key to avoid mistakes that can expose security or cause the connection to start going bad. Now, something that we usually do a lot is put a good password on the Wi-Fi and change it from time to time. However, we are going to talk to you about something that is equally very important, but we do not always take it into account. You will see that it is essential to achieve optimal performance.

It does not matter what type of router you have, if it is very old or if you just bought it. In any case, you should always check that it works perfectly and that there is nothing that could negatively affect navigation. Small details can make it start to go wrong or there are some devices that cannot connect.

Updating the router is key

It’s very important update the router. This can help you achieve a more optimal connection, have fewer failures, and also increase security. In fact, in many cases vulnerabilities can appear that can be exploited by attackers. They could enter your connection if you have not corrected certain bugs.

By upgrading the router, you will have the latest firmware version. It is the same as when you update Windows or any application you have installed on your mobile. You will get improvements, but you will also correct certain problems that may exist. Your security will be more protected, just like when you change the Wi-Fi password.

Keep in mind that having an outdated router can allow intruders to break into the network. could explode vulnerabilities, like the ones that put WPA-2 encryption in check a few years ago. They took advantage of equipment without updating, so it is convenient to always have the latest versions.

The problem is that it is something that we overlook on many occasions. We focus more on putting a good key or creating a guest network, but we don’t pay attention to the importance of updating the device and we may have problems.

How to update the device

Updating the router is very important, but how can we do it? That will depend on the model you have. In the most recent, it is common to update automatically. It is simply the device itself that detects a new firmware version and installs it, without you having to do anything else.

At other times, you will have to go into settings of the router. It is usually through the gateway, which is frequently, and there look for the section to update the firmware. This way, you can add the latest version available and improve performance or fix security issues.

A third option, although less frequent, is that you have to manually download the file from the manufacturer’s website. You will have to search for the specific model, download the folder and install it on the router.

In short, as you can see, it is very important to have the router correctly updated. This will help you make it work better, avoid security issues, and make your wireless network work better. You should not only focus on changing the Wi-Fi password, but also on having the latest firmware. This can also prevent the router from shutting down frequently.

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