This is Nikeland, the world of Nike shoes and clothing on Roblox

Nike has created its own particular world on Roblox and it is succeeding with the games, design and exclusive elements it has built for this platform. And it’s pretty good, really, so if you want to know what your favorite brand of sneakers has done, and even what Roblox is, we will tell you in detail so you can enjoy it.

First of all, and in case you haven’t heard of Roblox, it’s about the latest fashion online platform, in the manner of a virtual universe that you can access by mobile, console or computer.

There, as if it were some kind of Steam, users can play games made by developers, but the fun also comes because you can make your own games… And earn money with them. There is a virtual currency on the platform, Robux, that developers can convert into real money.

With an aesthetic between LEGO and Nintendo, the formula is busting it, especially among children and the very young, your main target audience.

There are more than 20 million games (some, like Adopt me! with more than 1.5 million players at a time), Roblox shares are skyrocketing and brands like Nike have jumped on the bandwagon, creating their little microworld on the platform.

How is the world of Nike on Roblox

Obviously, focused on sports and its products. With the name of Nikeland, they’ve tried rebuild your headquarters on Roblox.

Games to compete … and create

Within that Nike microuniverse, you will see various courts and scenarios where you can play catch, the ground is lava or that dodgeball from school that some psychopath invented. And of course there is a Nikeland tool kit that allows you to create your own mini-games With interactive sports materials, that’s a great part of Roblox’s charm.

You can take advantage of your real physical activity to play

In this scenario of Nikeland you can too use the accelerometer of your mobile and its ability to count movement and steps. Thus, you can “transfer” movement to games, turning it into runs, jumps and spectacular movements.

In this way, it is not just about playing in front of the screen, but about encouraging physical activity.

You can customize your avatar with special products

Nike Showroom on Roblox

Of course, Nike also has a showroom in which your in-game avatar can dress up with brand products, including the most legendary, such as Nike Air.

It will combine augmented reality in special events

The brand is putting the meat on the grill with Nikeland and he wants to bring his virtual world to the real one. This December, in his Nike’s House Of Innovation from New York, they will use a special Snapchat lens so that children can see that space transformed into a version of Nikeland through augmented reality.

They will be able to see their Roblox avatars, play games and find details and Easter eggs hiding on the stage.

It’s free

Nikeland it’s free to visit and experience. The players are rewarded with gold medals and blue ribbons when they compete, they build or explore and find things.

As you can see, Roblox is succeeding with its mix of Steam, LEGO and Minecraft, focused especially on children. In fact, an estimated half of children under the age of 16 in the United States played Roblox in 2020. It’s no wonder Nike jumped on the bandwagon and created this space.

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