this is the advent of JavaScript

When it comes to talking about programming languages, we have to talk about JavaScript. The versatility that this programming language offers us makes it an ideal choice for practically any work environment. Plus, year after year, it’s still the programming language most used to create apps on GitHub. If we are taking our first steps in this programming language or we are experts, we can demonstrate our knowledge by completing 24 JavaScript challenges that the guys at adventJS make available to us for another year.

This JavaScript advent calendar offers us until December 24, a daily challenge to demonstrate our knowledge, all of them related to Christmas. If, in addition, we link our GitHub account, we can save all our tests as well as find out the solution to the challenges, being an excellent way to remember our knowledge, learn new ones or refresh them if we have forgotten them a little.

24 challenges in JavaScript

This JavaScript advent calendar started on December 1, just like any other calendar of this type, so we currently have 5 challenges available. Each of the challenges is one different difficultybeing the simplest the first three and increasing this as the days go by.

As we complete challenges, the system will give us a score depending on how we have solved it. The score is not based on the number of lines of code that we need, although it does score, but rather on the speed of execution and the complexity of the code.

As in other fields, each of these challenges does not have a single solution, so if we feel strong, we can propose different solutions, although only the one that allows us to obtain the best score will be kept. Unlike similar projects, in this one it is not about returning results to fulfill the file, we must send a valid solution to the problem, not random code, since, if so, these will be automatically eliminated and will not be taken into account.

Without a doubt, this advent calendar from the guys from adventJS is a real test to demonstrate and practice our knowledge of JavaScript or TypeScript, since it forces us to find a correct solution, not to send just any answer. If we have no idea how to continue the rest, we can send what we have by signing in with our GitHub account to be able to access the results.

We must complete the challenges directly from their web page, clicking on each of the challenges, challenges that we can complete both in JavaScript and in TypeScript. From its website, we can access a list where users who have obtained the highest score are shown. If we fall short of these challenges, we can also complete the 25 challenges that this same website proposed last year from this link. If we have any questions or questions about how to complete any of these challenges or any other question about programming in general, we can access your Discord channel.

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