This is the Age of Empires of the Lord of the Rings for mobile

Let the war begin

While waiting for the series based on The Lord of the Rings that Amazon produces, NetEase Games and Warner Bros have everything ready for the launch of an upcoming game based on the world created by Tolkien. The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War will be released next day September 23. So there are very few days left before you can get hold of a title that may be liked by both fans of Middle Earth and fans of strategy games.

The title is set in the Third Age of Middle Earth and from what has been seen in the different videos that have been shared along with some other material, it seems that it will offer a very real vision of this world that despite being fictional catches millions of people.

About the type of game it is, it is strategy. The map is divided into squares Between which you can move and from there you can perform different actions that will not only be to attack your enemies, you will also have to build an army as powerful as possible, expand its reach, choose factions and look for allies to help you achieve your goals. objectives.

In the video above, published on the official channel, you can see a small gameplay that serves to get a more or less correct idea of ​​what it can offer, whether you like it or not. Possibly if the strategy suits you, you will like it.

Furthermore, this strategy game will also be based on seasons. The first season is Let the battle begin and this is the accompanying text:

The fate of Middle-earth is in your hands. You must join a faction of good to fight evil in the new war of the Ring that is coming. At the end of the season, only the faction that defeats four evil factions and occupies Dol Guldur can claim final glory.

Those seasons will serve, or so they hope, to maintain interest in the game beyond the first days or weeks after its launch. Although it will be necessary to see if other possible extras, such as in-app purchases, do not end up loading the game as such.

Where to Play Lord of the Rings: Let the War Begin

The new Lord of the Rings game has been developed for mobile devices. That means that you can enjoy it on your mobile and other mobile devices such as tablets regardless of whether the operating system you use is Android, iOS or iPadOS.

For now, as it has not been officially launched, that will be on September 23, what you can do is pre-register through the Apple App Store, Google Play and even the Samsung app store, Galaxy Store.

Choose the one you want according to the device and that’s it. When it is available you will be notified so that you can download it and start playing. Although if you are a fan, surely you remember the day of the launch.

If you want to follow the development of the game, on the game’s own official channel there is a series that tells details about the creation of the game itself. We leave you the first episode here.

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