This is the best (and easiest) software to monitor your SSD

Monitoring our SSD drive is very important. There are many tools available to accomplish this task, some a bit more complex than others. we bring you SSDFesh, a really simple and intuitive tool for monitor the status of our SSD.

As you well know, solid state hard drives or SDDs offer great performance improvements in any system that is installed. They also offer greater resistance to shock and vibration by not having moving parts. But they have a big problem and that is that they suffer from significant thermal problems that affect their performance and can even damage the unit.

It is required, periodically, to verify the status of our storage unit. Most tools are complex to use and there is a lot of data to interpret. We have the simplest and most powerful tool on the market.

What is SSD Fresh?

It’s a free software really easy to use. This tool allows us optimize the configuration of our SSD with a few mouse clicks. In addition, we can improve the wear and tear of these units.

Within SSDFesh we have information about the status of our unit in real time. It helps to prevent any possible sudden problem and loss of important data.

It includes reading relevant information that will help us prevent damage. It shows us the temperature of the unit in real time, prevents unnecessary read and write accesses or the time of use of the unit. All focused on preventing unnecessary use and any other problem.

You can download it easily from the official website.

An extremely simple tool

The truth is that the storage unit is enormously surprising for its simplicity. This software is clear, elegant and extremely simple. It displays the information in a very visual way so that anyone can easily understand it. In addition, all the information is distributed in three sections that we will see below.


It is the main screen of this software and the one that gives us general information about the unit. We can select between the storage units of our system in a simple way. So we can see the most relevant data, such as:

  • Health condition: Normally, it indicates “excellent” but in any other case, we must be attentive to the unit and its status, in addition to making a backup copy of the most relevant data. It also tells us the native name of the unit.
  • Actual temperature: indicates in real time the temperature of the unit at different thresholds
  • optimization: tells us the level of optimization, adjusting the parameters in such a way that they allow to extend its useful life
  • Interface: Here it tells us the type of connection, which will basically be whether it is an M.2 NVMe drive or a SATA drive.
  • Size: Indicates unit size and unit occupancy

ssdfresh overview

SSD information

The next screen gives us another type of important information to know the status of our unit. Here we have outstanding data obtained through SMART These data are:

  • Uncorrectable errors: Normally this value is ZERO, if not, the unit is starting to have malfunctions
  • Temperature: the same as in the previous case, it tells us the temperature in real time
  • Operating hours: tells us how many hours the unit has been on
  • Total Read Operations: this parameter will tell us the amount of Gigabytes or Terabytes in this unit
  • Total write operations: here it indicates the amount of Gigabyte (GB) or Terabytes (TB) that have been written to the SSD
  • number of starts: this parameter indicates the number of times this storage unit has been started

ssdfresh ssd information


Possibly this window is the least relevant of all and the one that you should not manipulate if you do not have knowledge. By default it no longer offers the best settings for best performance. It is specified, in each of the sections, what each of the options is for, so we are not going to repeat it to you either.

ssdfresh optimization


We have a cogwheel in the upper right corner that allows us to make different adjustments. The most relevant are:

  • Force check for software updates
  • Start SSDFresh in the background at Windows startup
  • Minimize app to tray instead of closing it
  • Notifications when the app is minimized to the tray
  • Warning, when in the background, of critical temperatures
  • Warning of possible critical state in the SSD

ssdfresh configuration


From our point of view, SSDFresh is the best software that you can currently have installed on your computer. It is a very useful and simple tool to monitor our SSD unit. The truth, a whole discovery that has become essential.

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