This is the best function of Word that I use to document my works

The text editor that is part of the aforementioned productivity suite, we are talking about word, could be considered as one of the main references in the office software sector. This is a program that over the years has not stopped growing and improving until it has become what it is today. When we talk about a text editor, on many occasions we think that they are simple applications to write our lines and paragraphs that will be part of the document.

However, surely many of you have already seen first-hand that, for example, Word goes much further. The software giant has turned this program into a spectacular tool that offers us all kinds of additional functions. With all this, what is tried is that we are more productive when using this application and we can make the most of all its tools.

A clear example of all this that we are telling you can be found in the functionality that we will talk about below. And it is that on many occasions we are going to write documents focused on research work, be it on a personal, professional or related level. education. Specifically, we refer to a built-in function in the program itself that will help us get content in order to better document our work here.

Save time and save effort in Word with this feature

And it is that Microsoft offers us a function integrated into the Office text editor that you will surely love. Instead of having to open the browser and navigate the Internet to find citations, information, and sources for our documents, we can do it directly from Word. For all this that we are telling you, we can use the feature called Investigator.

It is worth mentioning that this is a functionality that by default we find in the option References menu from the main interface of the application.

Word references

Once we have located the shortcut to the Researcher function while working on the document, all we have to do is click on it. At that moment, a new panel located on the right side of the program interface will open so that we can use the functionality. By default, the feature as such proposes a series of terms of common use. These will help us perform tests and thus see the results that we are going to obtain here.

As it could not be otherwise, we also find a search box where we can establish the terms of our queries. These can refer to specific events, places, characters, concepts and much more.

researcher word

Once we have chosen the topic on which we wish each other keep record, Word itself does an automatic search on the internet and offers us multiple entries from various sources. In fact, we can choose the type of source for which we want to obtain the documentation: booksdaily or websites. Obviously all this is something that we will achieve in a matter of seconds and without having to move from the Microsoft office program, Word.

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