this is the best way to install android apps on windows

If we focus on the mobile phones we use on a daily basis, Android is the most widely used operating system in the entire globe, and by far. Hence precisely the availability in terms of applications that we can here install It’s huge and it doesn’t stop growing. We come across all kinds of apps, whether focused on productivity, security or leisure, which we install by the dozens on our terminal.

But with everything and with this and due to the widespread use that we generally make of these apps on our mobile devices, they are also gradually reaching desktop devices. For all this, we are going to show you a program that you can install on your windows computer in order to quickly run samples of your favorite Android applications.

Specifically, we are referring to the application called WSATools that we have the possibility of installing from the official Windows store. To give you an idea of ​​what we are telling you here, it is an .APK file installer for the Windows 11 subsystem. One of its main objectives is to greatly facilitate the arrival of applications of the aforementioned google system to our Windows based computer.

To do this, all we have to do is install this program that we told you about in our team and then click on the Select an APK button.

Install Android apps on Windows in a few seconds

As you can imagine, this will allow us to quickly install those applications that we want and that we normally use on the Android mobile, on the PC. Obviously, for this we need the apk installers of them to be able to load them in WSATools using the button mentioned above.

WSATools - APK installer and more
WSATools - APK installer and more

Also, we must bear in mind that this is an application that offers us some very interesting additional functions to improve this experience. Even those users without much knowledge in these matters will be able to enjoy their favorite mobile apps on the Windows PC.

Telegram WSATools

At this point, the first thing to keep in mind is that this is not an official Microsoft application. But with everything and with this we find ourselves before a simple APK installer for the Windows 11 Subsystem for Android. It is worth mentioning that its developers have wanted to focus on offering us an application that is intuitive and very easy to use for the majority. Even those users who have never installed and used Android apps on Windows can now do so without any hassle.

It is also important to know that once we have installed it, it integrates perfectly with the System File Explorer. This will allow us to double click on the corresponding APK file for its immediate installation. This way it will not be necessary for us to go through the WSATools interface. At the same time, it is not necessary to install ADB or know its commands, since this is a program that internally carries out the necessary processes for the installation of the android apps.

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