This is the best way to watch YouTube on your computer, and you’re not taking advantage of it

Several years ago Google acquired the streaming video portal Youtube, and since then it has not stopped growing both in terms of users and content. The most common thing when we use this online service from our computer is that we do it from the official website, although it is not always the best choice.

It is true that this web version that we are talking about offers us many facilities when it comes to enjoying our favorite videos. It is enough that we run our usual web browser and go to the official YouTube page. However, we must also take into account that the player that we find here cannot be said to be the best.

At the same time, we can affirm that the limitations that this web application offers us to play videos are sometimes too many. Hence, many users are increasingly opting for using other third-party clients on Windows to get the most out of this streaming portal. When we talk about clients, we are referring to free programs that you can download and install on your computer to continue enjoying this multimedia content in a much more comfortable and effective way.

In addition, the vast majority allow us to enter our YouTube user account, in order to manage our favorites, our own content or playlists. It is for all these reasons that we will now talk about some of these programs to significantly improve the reproduction of these online videos.

youtube website


First of all, we will talk about an interesting open source client for YouTube that is characterized by offering better functionality and privacy than the original. We find ourselves with a program with some interesting additional features that won’t cost us a single euro and is free of advertising.

It could also be considered interesting to be able to use this program without even having an account on the video portal. In this way we can manage and follow channels, activate automatic reproduction or save contents.


This is another interesting program that will allow us to enjoy the contents of the Google video portal in a more efficient way. The client allows us to search by category or subscribe to those channels that are most interesting to us. It must be said that it is a free uwp app that we can download from the official Windows store. Likewise, it presents us with a highly intuitive and attractive user interface that we will get used to quickly.

YouPlay - YouTube Player
YouPlay - YouTube Player


And continuing with the Windows applications, now we find ourselves with ATube, another client to fully enjoy YouTube content, but in a different way. How could it be otherwise, this is a program that adapts perfectly to the operating system from Microsoft and hardly consumes system resources. It allows us to access and follow our favorite channels and is specially designed to enjoy music content in videos.

ATube - YT App
ATube - YT App

All this means that from now on we will have the possibility of doing without the web version of the well-known streaming video portal. Instead we can use these free and stable programs to continue enjoying these media content, but in a much more comfortable way.

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